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Plowshares sentencing shows U.S. government afraid of peace activists

Jim Haber

Outside the courthouse in Knoxville, Tenn., where three anti-nuclear activists were severely sentenced on February 18, Michelle Boertje-Obed, the wife of one of the three Transform Now Plowshares members, encouraged everyone to see Judge Amul Thapar’s ruling in a positive light. Despite her husband Greg having just received over 5 years in prison for infiltrating the Y-12 nuclear weapons facility on July 28, 2012 and damaging federal property — along with Michael Walli and 84-year-old Catholic nun Megan Rice – Michelle pointed out that the judge could have easily given them much longer sentences, as recommended by the prosecution.

Video: Reporting Trident War Crimes to Thames Valley Police by Action AWE in the UK

Film made on 8 February 2014 during the ‘Reporting a Crime’ event at Reading Police Station. Part of the Action AWE campaign.

Wool Against Weapons

Anti-nuclear activists in the UK are knitting frantically – why? On Nagasaki day (9 August), they plan to connect the two "Atomic Weapons Establishments" at Burghfield and Aldermaston with a 7-mile (11km) pink peace scarf, as part of the growing campaign against the replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system.

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Time to Go! Belgian campaign against nuclear weapons

Press statement , 14 October 2013

Belgian former prime ministers and a former Secretary General of the NATO support campaign against nuclear weapons.

'Time to Go!' is the name of the campaign of the Belgian peace movement against the American nuclear weapons stationed in Belgium. On Sunday 20 October 2013 (from 2 until 6 p.m.) the peace movement organizes a national demonstration for nuclear disarmament in the Belgian capital Brussels (Jubelpark- Cinquantenaire ). There will be speeches, entertainment for children and concerts of Jaune Toujours, James Deano en Helmut Lotti.

Nuclear Weapons and Militarisation in the UK

Militarisation in the UK generally

'Militarisation' means the ways in which the presence and approaches of the military (typically state armed forces and Defence Ministries) are normalised in a society. Military solutions are prioritised, and the military is privileged in various ways.

A society has to be militarised for a government to justify the development and maintenance of nuclear weapons to its citizens; militarisation creates a culture of acceptance. It popularises military euphemisms such as 'Defence', 'Security', and – particularly relevant to nuclear weapons – 'deterrant', and makes it hard to for those challenging these to be seen as credible.

Campaña del mes: Don’t Bank on the Bomb

Tim Wright

Todos los años, los nueve estados con armas nucleares gastan un total conjunto de más de 100.000 millones de dólares en sus fuerzas nucleares, montando nuevas cabezas nucleares, modernizando las antiguas y construyendo misiles balísticos, bombarderos y submarinos para lanzarlas. Gran parte de ese trabajo es llevado a cabo por empresas privadas, que son financiadas por una vasta red de instituciones financieras por todo el mundo.

2011: Semana de Protesta Dejemos Espacio para la Paz

Cada otoño - del hemisferio norte - la Red Global Contra las Armas y la Energía Nuclear del Espacio organiza una semana de acciones locales llamada: “semana dejemos espacio para la paz”, este año se realizaron eventos entre el 1 – 8 de octubre donde el tema elegido fue el creciente uso de drones – aviones no tripulados - en las guerras de EEUU en el Medio Oriente, Asia Central y África.

“Semana Dejemos Espacio Para la Paz” sigue adelante a pesar que Gobierno de la India dice NO a la “Conferencia de la Red Global Contra las Armas y el Poder Nuclear del Espacio”

Entre el 2 y 9 de octubre la Red Global Contra las Armas y el Poder Nuclear del Espacio, tuvo otra semana de acciones contra la militarización del espacio, bajo el eslogan: “keep space for peace” (deja espacio para la paz), se realizaron varias actividades, enfocándose en los escudos antimisiles, aviones no tripulados y otras formas de militarización del espacio. Para una completa lista de las acciones, ve a:

El escueto y tajante Concepto Estratégico de la OTAN

En la cumbre de Strasbourg-Kehl celebrada en 2009, los miembros de la OTAN acordaron crear un Nuevo Concepto Estratégico para la alianza. El Concepto Estratégico (CE) es el documento que dicta la política de la OTAN para la próxima década. En la cumbre de la OTAN en Lisboa del próximo mes de noviembre, los países miembros esperan aprobar un documento que sea “escueto y tajante”. El contenido, en gran medida, será el mismo que el del CE de 1999 pero será, en general, más corto. Los entendidos esperan un documento de unas 12 páginas como máximo.

AWE Aldermaston Opened For Disarmament By Christian Peace Activists

From left to right: Chris Cole, Fr Martin Newell, Susan ClarksonFrom left to right: Chris Cole, Fr Martin Newell, Susan ClarksonThree Christian peace activists were arrested at AWE Aldermaston after opening the base for disarmament. The three, Fr. Martin Newell (43), Passionist priest from the London Catholic Worker, Susan Clarkson (63) of the Oxford Catholic Worker, and Chris Cole (47) also from Oxford , cut a doorway into the outer fence of nuclear base. They group then attached a sign saying ‘Open for Disarmament: All Welcome’.

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