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War is a Crime against Humanity: The Story of The War Resisters' International

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#WarStartsHere: opposing the Paris arms fair

This week the Eurosatory arms fair is taking place in Paris. The 'Defence and Security' fair, one of the largest in the world, takes place every two years. For many years, opposition to Eurosatory took the form of one woman, Yvonna Kressman, faithfully standing outside on her own, over decades.

Put arms dealers on trial, not peace activists

Alongside other peace activists, WRI members from around Europe are in court in London from next Monday on trial for their disruption of the DSEI arms fair in September last year.
Anyone available to join us in solidarity in the Court next week, check out Stop The Arms Fair Facebook event for info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1716179711938981/
Use #stopDSEI to share you solidarity with Javier, Bram, Luis and others in the run up to their court appearance next week.

Call for Support: Repressive Response against MOC Activists for Blockading Tank Transport during NATO Exercise


The group of antimilitarists that paralyzed the transport of armoured vehicles to the NATO “Trident Juncture“ manoeuvres last October face accusations of “serious disobedience”, “breach of the peace”, and fines for “intrusion". 

Ukrainian conscientious objector on trial

Ukrainian journalist and CO Ruslan Kotsaba is on trial in Ivano-Frankivsk. Ruslan has been in detention for almost a year, charged with treason and obstructing the military.  In a video addressed to the Ukrainian President, he declared his refusal to be drafted, saying he would rather go to prison for five years than turn a weapon on his "compatriots in the east".

Gedanken zu “Stopping the War Business”

Am Ende des internationalen “Stopping the War Business”-Seminars, teilen drei Teilnehmer mit uns ihre Ansichten. Lesen Sie sie im Folgenden.

Tuuli Vuori

Tuuli taking action against the ADEX arms fairTuuli taking action against the ADEX arms fair

Es ist gut, in Südkorea zu sein. Ich komme aus einem Land, das immer noch die Wehrpflicht unterhält, und ich habe die Hälfte meines Lebens der Arbeit mit Fragen zur Kriegsdienstverweigerung im Zusammenhang gewidmet. Das ist ein Grund, warum es sich so besonders anfühlt in Seoul zu sein, denn ich habe so viel über die Kampagnen gehört, die unsere südkoreanischen Freunde hier durchführen. 

Auf jeden Fall wusste ich nicht besonders viel über Kriegsgeschäfte, und so habe ich viel in diesem Seminar gelernt. Vielen Dank für die wirklich interessante Referenten und Workshops!

In diesem Seminar diskutierten wir über die Konsequenzen der Geschäftemacherei mit dem Krieg für den einzelnen Menschen. Wir sprachen auch über die großen und dunklen Strukturen der Kriegsprofiteure. Manchmal fühle ich mich dabei sehr klein.

Stopping the War Business: report


The Stopping the War Business seminar was held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on 16 and 17 October, 2015. It was co­hosted by World Without War and War Resisters' International. The seminar provided space for learning about effective tactics used to challenge war profiteers around the world, and forged relationships between campaigners that will inform and enable new campaigns from here onwards. Activists from 21 different countries took part, with 70 participants in total (30 internationals, and 40 Koreans).

Quote from the evaluation: 'I came back with a big bag of knowledge and experiences from different regions that I would very much like to spread the information in my country'

After the seminar, a nonviolence training and then action against the ADEX arms fair took place. The seminar and the actions were deliberately linked, in order to support local activists in their struggle against a local example of war profiteering, and to put the learnings and relationships built up during the seminar into action.

Schreibt am 1. Dezember einem Gefangenen für den Frieden

Postcards sent from WRI affiliate World Without WarPostcards sent from WRI affiliate World Without War

Jedes Jahr am 1. Dezember begehen die WRI und ihre Mitglieder den Tag der Gefangenen für den Frieden. An diesem Tag veröffentlichen wir die Namen und Geschichten jener, die für Friedensaktivitäten ins Gefängnis kamen. Viele sind KriegsdienstverweigererInnen, im Gefängnis dafür, dass sie sich weigerten, im Militär zu dienen. Andere unternahmen gewaltfreie Aktionen, um Kriegsvorbereitungen zu stören. Dieser Tag ist Eure Gelegenheit, Eurer Unterstützung für sie Ausdruck zu verleihen. Wir bitten Euch, am 1.12. oder einem der folgenden Tage etwas Zeit dafür zu reservieren, Solidaritätskarten zu schicken. Hier könnt Ihr die Namen und Adressen finden: http://www.wri-irg.org/de/node/4722

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Trident Juncture report from international participants' actions

Angie Zelter, Trident Ploughshares, 9th November 2015

Beginning of Murgia marchBeginning of Murgia marchTrident Ploughshares received the call-out to to oppose the Trident Juncture military exercise and decided to take part. After all, it was the biggest NATO exercise for 10 years, was about intervening in Africa and included a large contingent of UK military forces. The UK Minister of Defence was to visit the UK forces and it seemed right that UK anti-militarists should support their Spanish colleagues and explain that we, as global citizens, were against NATO and his visit was not in our name. We also wanted to support and strengthen our European network.

Four new affiliates for WRI

National Land Rights Forum, NepalNational Land Rights Forum, Nepal

At the WRI Council meeting in Seoul, Korea, the WRI Council was delighted to admit four new associated organisation as members of War Resisters' International:

The Antimilitarist Kollective of Medellín, Colombia: an affinity group that promotes antimilitarism and conscientious objection to war as a way of life and as a way to fight for political and social advocacy. We fight for the transformation towards a more just, inclusive, equitable and humane society which promotes autonomy, self-determination and the freedom of people.

The Centre for Peace Studies, Zagreb, Croatia, is a non-profit citizens’ association whose mission is promoting non-violence, human rights and social change through education, research, public policies and activism. CPS grew out of various direct forms of peace-building activities in the region of western Slavonia during the 1990s war in Croatia (community projects such as The Volunteer Project Pakrac and The Croatian Anti-War Campaign - ARK). It was established in 1997, formally in 1999.

The Community Self Reliance Center, Nepal whose vision is to see a Nepali society where everyone enjoys a secure, free and dignified life. Their mission is to empower land-poor women and men enabling them to claim and exercise their basic rights, including right to land resources, contributing to eradicating poverty and injustice.

The National Land Rights Forum (NLRF), Nepal whose vision is to see a self-reliant farmer community in Nepal, and whose mission is to empower the land-poor people by organizing and conscientizing them to enable to launch struggle against discriminations and claim their farmers’ rights.

We welcome all of them and look forward to working together.

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