Yemeni's search rubble after a bombing

Danish company Terma accused of violating UAE arms embargo

A Danish independent media and research centre has published a report accusing the country’s largest arms manufacturer, Terma, of war crimes after continuing to supply arms to the United Arab Emira

CO Day action in Frankfurt. Photo by Thomas Stiefel

CO Day 2020: Events held around the world in solidarity with COs

International Conscientious Objection Day (CO Day), 15th May, was celebrated with actions and events by activists from around the world. This year, due to Covid-19, the actions took place mostly online.

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COVID-19: “Waging War” Against a Virus is NOT What We Need to Be Doing

As towns and whole countries shut down in order to “flatten the curve” of outbreaks of the coronavirus, we are at risk of choosing the wrong analogy for what we collectively need to do in these perilous times. “Waging a war” is the most deceptively alluring analogy for mobilizing private and public resources to meet a present danger. We should, however, resist that allure.

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WRI Executive Committee statement on the Covid-19 Crisis

War Resisters’ International is about to turn 100 years old. While celebrating cultural diversity, we’re proud to say that as an International we firmly believe in the unity of humankind.