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Turkmenistan: Two more conscientious objector imprisoned

In Turkmenistan, appeals of two conscientious objectors against their one-year jail terms for refusing compulsory military service were rejected. Nine conscientious objectors are now jailed, six of them in 2019. The United Nations ruled that Turkmenistan violated the rights of three more conscientious objectors jailed in 2013.

At the Love Knows No Borders direct action organized by the American Friends Service Committee on December 10, 2018, faith leaders attempted to conduct a water ceremony calling for peace with justice to return to the land. U.S. Border Patrol agents prevented them from approaching the primary border wall and arrested 32 faith leaders.

Resistance in the US borderlands

When Donald Trump initiated his presidential campaign by framing migrants, primarily those from Mexico, in despicable and denigrating terms, he was regurgitating the same tired rhetoric from past d

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RAMALC statement on the current state of violence in Cauca, Colombia

In the year thus far, the growing military presence in the south-western territories of Cauca, Colombia, has put various communities, which make up the ancestral lands in which they inhabit, at great risk. The reports lodged by the CRIS- the Regional Indigenous Board of Cauca- have been many, and these complaints have been ignored and unaddressed by the Colombian government.

CO Association press conference in support of a CO

Turkey: CO Association member and conscientious objector indicted on charges of "alienating the public from military service"

Conscientious Objection Association (Turkey) member Furkan Çelik was indicted by the Office of Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor on charges of "alienating the public from military service." Furkan Çelik was accused in relation to the social media posts on CO Association's Twitter account.