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Overnight Eritreans begun repeating one name: Haj Musa Mohamed Nur, whether in support or opposition of him. He became a household name both at home and abroad after the Diaa Al Islam School uprising on the 31st October 2017.

My name is Erman and I was born on one side of this divided Cyprus in 1990. The division of the island started a long time before I was born, in 1974, but the roots of the division started even earlier. When we say 'division', it could refer to one of two things: the division in our mind, or the wall that separates this whole island into two.

WRI affiliates and friends are calling for direct actions against Eurosatory – the Paris arms fair – and the NATO summit that will take place in Brussels in July. Eurosatory is one of the world's biggest arms fairs, and takes place every two years in Paris. It features over 1500 arms companies displaying all the weapons, equipment and technology needed for waging war.

A coalition of human rights organisations from Germany, Italy and Yemen have begun a legal action against a European arms manufacturer and officials in Italy.

In a move that could endanger conscientious objectors, South Korea's Military Manpower Administration has published the personal information of conscientious objectors in a public, online registry of draft dodgers.

We've updated our reports on conscientious objection and conscription in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Germany, Portugal and Venezuela.

It seems that few could imagine that the problems made by the Spanish state for the Catalan referendum on 1st October would lead to exactly that which reinforces the legitimacy of the fight of many social claims: peaceful popular resistance.

On a recent visit to Turkey, an international delegation from War Resisters’ International spoke to Turkish peace and human rights activists, who have demanded that the arms trade to Turkey should stop immediately.

Serpaj in Paraguay have rejected the creation of the the National Council of Conscientious Objection (Consejo Nacional de Objeción de Conciencia) in Paraguay, and say they do not recognise their authority.

Are you developing a peace education initiative in your area? Have you studied how young people in your country learn about war in relation to their class, gender or ethnic status? Are you a member of a veterans for peace group who wants to share the ways in which you were initially attracted by army life?