According to a report in the Southeast European Times from 21 August 2008, Albania is to abolish conscription completely by 2010. From 1 January 2010, Albania will no longer have compulsory military service. The initiative is part of the reforms required by NATO, which the country hopes to join after meeting the Alliance's requirements.


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As published in The Right to Conscientious Objection in Europe, Quaker Council for European Affairs, 2005.

ConscriptionConscientious objection


Conscription is included in Article 166 of the 1998 Constitution.

Five Albanian students of the Belgrade University (Petrit Berisha, Driton Berisha, Dritan Meca, Derguti Shkodran and Abdulah Islam) have been in pre trail confinement since the middle of April 1999, when they were arrested in Belgrade. They are charged with "terrorism and banding for hostile activity".

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