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Update! We need 20 16 10 8 more regular donors to meet our goal - could you support War Resisters' International with a regular donation? Scroll down to find out how!

17 people in orange and teal to represent 17 new regular donors, with 8 in grey to represent those still needed

War Resisters' International works for a world without war. We rely on donations from generous individuals around the world. We are looking for 25 new regular supporters – could you be one of them? Scroll down for ways to donate.

To thank you for your support, we have some gifts to distribute!

  • T-shirts: The first ten people to set up a regular gift of £20/€22/$25 get a free “War is a Crime Against Humanity” t-shirt - email to let us know your size.

  • Books: Sign up to send a £10/€12/$14 gift and we will send you a copy of our Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns.

  • Badges: A regular gift of £5/€5/$5 gets you one of our beautiful broken rifle pin badges.


The easiest way to give a monthly donation from the UK is to set up a regular direct debit. Click one of the amounts below to set up a donation via GoCardless, a secure direct debit management service.

Donate £5 Donate £10

Donate £20 Donate £50


You can set up a donation from the USA via our fiscal sponsor, the AJ Muste Memorial Institute. Remember to email us ( with your details so we can send you a thank you gift!

AJ Muste Memorial Institute


For donations from the Eurozone, please set up a regular bank transfer to our eurozone account, and email us ( so we can send your thank you gift. Our bank details are:

Account name: War Resisters' International

Bank: Bank of Ireland

IBAN: IE91 BOFI 9000 9240 41 35 47



We can also accept donations via PayPal. Use the button below to set up a secure regular donation.