Call-out to arms fair resisters across the world


The arms trade is a global phenomenon and arms fairs are the nexus of this trade: the physical sites which bring together those who manufacture, profit from, orchestrate and deliver suffering and death. But asthe arms trade is global so is our resistance, with actions against arms fairs taking place worldwide and increasing levels of transnational activism reflecting the global reality and consequences of this trade.

War Resisters' International is reaching out to grassroots activists taking action against arms fairs across the world to come together to build on our existing connections and work more closely in our resistance. We want to build solidarity, share what works, support each others' actions and talk about what more we can do together as a movement. If you are interested in taking part in a Skype conversation with other grassroots activists resisting arms fairs, please contact us at sarah@wri-irg.orgRead more here.

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