Militarization and masculinities


The links between militarisation - and especially military service - and masculinities is the theme of a new text by WRI's Right to Refuse to Kill programme worker Andreas Speck. In his article, Andreas Speck argues that refusing militarism is not possible without refusing hegemonic masculinity, as both are very closely linked, and that, in the words of Jeff Hearn, “it is an understatement to say that men, militarism, and the military are historically, profoundly, and blatantly interconnected”.

However, as masculinities are not natural, but social constructions, and what has been constructed can also be undone.

Antimilitarists cannot "afford the luxury of continuing to ignore issues of gender in our antimilitarist work", so the conclusion of the article.

The full article is available at /node/9725.

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