War Resisters' Stories, April


Following Tamar Ze'evi's release last month, who got conscientious objector status as a political refuser after serving more than 100 days in military prison,

Stop NATO 2017!

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On 24th and 25th May, NATO leaders will be in Brussels for the inauguration of their new headquarters and an important NATO summit – the first to be attended by US president Donald Trump.

On the table will be a push to make certain that NATO member states increase spending on their military budgets to 2% of GDP, with 20% going towards buying arms; fuelling a destabilising arms race.

All around the world, police forces are being militarised. The lines between the roles of the police and the military are being blurred, with narratives of heightened threat (from terror, drugs, social unrest or people on the move) being used to justify this militarisation.

On 24 April 2017, War Resisters' International joined a group of international organisations to observe the second hearing of Serdar Küni, a doctor and veteran human rights defender from Turkey imprisoned last October. The charges against Dr.

Members of WRI resist the ADEX arms fair in Seoul, 2015

From the 12th to the 18th of August, German activists are inviting internationals to join them at the  military base for a peace camp and actions against the deployment of the new B61-12 nuclear bomb by the US military at the base. The B61-21 will be completed by 2020 and deployed in Italy, Belgium, Holland, Turkey, and Germany.

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