War Profiteers

WRI activists disrupting the welcome dinner at the ADEX arms fair
WRI activists disrupting the welcome dinner at the ADEX arms fair

Economics is one of the key causes of war - wherever there is a military conflict, someone is profiting from it. We call this "war profiteering".

WRI looks at war profiteering in a broad sense - we consider all companies and initiatives that benefit financially from military conflict as war profiteers, in some sense. This includes the arms trade and companies profiteering for the privatisation and outsourcing of the military, but also those extracting natural resources in conflict zones, financial institutions investing in arms companies, and many others.

WRI publishes a quarterly magazine called War Profiteers' News (in English and Spanish), and organises events to bring campaigners and researchers together to share strategies against war profiteering. In 2017 we will gather members and friends of the WRI network in London, for a seminar called “Stopping the War Business”. Campaigners will share experiences and strategies of countering the arms trade and other war profiteers. The seminar will take place at the same time  as the DSEI arms fair, where we will also take nonviolent direct action together. In 2015, we organised a similar event in Seoul, South Korea, which took place at the same time as the ADEX arms fair.

On February 1st, a group of peace activists gathered in the undersized Hennepin County Courtroom in Edina, MN to once again face charges of "criminal trespass" for entering the property of Alliant Techsystems, a local war profiteer and notorious manufacturer and seller of indiscriminate and illegal weapons such as cluster bombs, depleted uranium munitions, land mines, as well as rocket motors for delivery of nuclear bombs via missiles.

On the 14th of December the Attorney General announced that the Serious Fraud Office was dropping its investigation into bribery allegations involving BAE Systems in Saudi Arabia. A wide range of individuals and bodies have since voiced serious concerns, including MPs, the OECD, Institutional Investors and 130 non-governmental organisations. Campaign Against Arms Trade and the Corner House in the UK have informed the government of their intention to judicially review the decision.

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Tuesday, 06 February 2007

Recent research conducted by Netwerk Vlaanderen has revealed that Belgian banks that offer sustainable investment products invest less of this money in arms producers than foreign banks operating on the Belgian market. The research also revealed significant differences between Belgian banks.

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ATK — Alliant Techsystems is a $3.1 billion advanced weapon and space systems company with approximately 14,000 employees and operations in 23 states. The company is the world's leading supplier of solid propulsion systems and the nation's largest manufacturer of ammunition.

Alliant Techsystems, Inc. supplies aerospace and defense products to the U.S. government, U.S.

Shut DESO Protest and Petition Hand-in

CAAT, together with the Fellowship of Reconciliation, have collected thousands of Shut DESO petition signatures. They will be handing these petitions to the Treasury on Wednesday 7th March, the day on which DESO holds its annual conference.

7th March - 11 AM outside Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre.


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With this issue we start a series of articles to help you in your campaigning against war profiteers. A first step in a campaign is to research the corporation you want to target, so we focus on researching war profiteers in this issue. We are not researchers ourselves, but we recommend various sources for campaigners. We especially encourage you to use the guides for corporate research. An important strategy for obtaining good information is to develop relationships between organisations that research corporations and peace movement organisations. So we can share and combine skills.

One of the main pillars that supports war and militarism is economics. It is in war times when war related corporations make their big killings.

In Africa this becomes very clear, where governments that are "promoting peace" for the region at the same time are facilitating the trade of small arms and the exploitation of natural resources


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Our December edition is focusing on war profiteering in the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC). We feel that it is important to highlight the responsibilities that corporations have in the ongoing crisis in DRC.

By Jan Van Criekinge

After decades of colonialism, dictatorship and wars, on Wednesday, 6 December 2006, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) swore in its first fair and freely elected president since independence from Belgium in 1960. "This moment marks the beginning of a new era that must bring well-being and development to Congo's people", said president Joseph Kabila (35) at his inauguration ceremony outside the presidential palace in the capital city Kinshasa.

There are many corporations profiteering in DRC; the mining industry is one of the most involved in the destabilization of the country.Following there is a list of some of these corporations, and from all of them we will highlight one: The Forrest Group

The Forrest Group has the longest history of exploiting the Congo, gaining its first mining concessions before the Congo declared independence from the Belgians. The group, which includes the Ohio-based OM Group, has numerous concessions in Katanga (Shaba).

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