ISRAEL: CO Ariel Levin transferred to Military Prison No 6


War Resisters' International was informed by the Israeli organisation New Profile that conscientious objector Ariel Levin was transferred to Military Prison No. 6 in Atlit. Below is his new address in prison and the address of the prison commander. War Resisters' International asks peace and human rights activists to send letters of support to Ariel Levin. It is even more important to let the commander of the new prison know that Ariel Levin's case is being watched closely all over the world (sending a Fax message would be preferable). War Resisters' International understood from Ariel Levin that some collision between him and the prison authorities in the new place is possible, so this would be very important.

Ariel Levin's address in prison is: Ariel Levin (personal number 7204992) Military Prison No. 6 Military Postal Code 03734 IDF Israel

The Prison Commander can be reached at (again, the best would be to send Faxes):

Commander of Military Prison No. 6, Military Prison No. 6, Military postal number 03734, IDF Israel.

FAX: +972-4-869-28-84

Andreas Speck, War Resisters' International