ISRAEL: CO Ariel Levin transferred to Military Prison No 6


Dear Friends,

CO Ariel Levin has been transferred to Military Prison No. 6 in Athlit. His new address in prison is:

Ariel Levin, Military ID Number 7204992, Military Prison 6, Military Postal Code 03734, IDF, Israel

Ariel has received some letters of support lately and told New Profile today over the phone that they have lifted his spirit a great deal. He asked New Profile to thank all those who sent letters to him. Please write your letters of support for Ariel (preferably on postcards) to the address above. Also, please send copies of your letters of protest on Ariel's behalf to the prison commander (preferably by fax):

Commander of Military Prison No. 6,Military Prison No. 6,Military postal number 03734, IDF, Israel. Fax +972-4-869-28-84

Antimilitarist Greetings,
Andreas Speck,
War Resisters' International