ISRAEL: Two more conscientious objectors imprisoned


In Israel, two conscientious objectors were imprisoned today. CO Rotem Dan Mor (ISR11391), who served in the army since 15 February 2000 as part of his mandatory three year service, declared himself a conscentious objector a while ago and was sentenced today for 28 days imprisonment for disobeying orders (he refused to wear a uniform when ordered to do so) and an additional 28 days suspended sentence for absence without leave, although he in fact was given leave by his commander. In a statement Rotem Dan Mor writes: "I have long questioned the sincerety of my army service. These questions began arising long before I was recruited. They stemmed from information I had been acquring about the Israel-Arab conflict and the discovery of the disinformation I had been subjected to over the years about it. I found that the more I educated myself, the less I believed the 'official' Israeli version of events. This point of view is the normal premis on which most Israeli youths justify their army service. I had begun to realize how much hate and fear were instilled in me from a very young age. I found that I do not believe in the existence of an 'enemy', but of people of another culture who were just as scared and angry as I was." More information on his case can be found on his website at . Rotem Dan Mor is incarcerated in Military Prison No. 4:

Rotem Dan Mor Military ID Number 7046397 Military Prison 4, Tzrifin Military Postal Code 02507 IDF, Israel

Avia A'tia (ISR11444), a female teacher-soldier, was imprisoned today for refusing an order transferring her to the Gilo settlement to instruct children on how to avoid the shelling/gunfire from the neighbouring Beit-Jalla (on whose land Gilo was built). She states: "I do not believe in brutality and use of force. I feel the Military and the Politicians have brought this war upon our heads. I will not enter the territories occupied in 1967. I do not believe in the expansion of Israel. Also, I believe it is inappropriate to assign us, teacher-soldiers who have barely had 2 hour briefings on the matter, to instruct children on how to defend themselves from artillery and gun fire. They should send experts to do that. I am very dedicated to my job. I enlisted to give myself, to teach children to love the land of Israel - the trees, the plants, the flowers, the birds - I do not want to teach them about bombs." Avia A'tai is incarcerated in Military Prison 400. She was sentenced to 28 days' imprisonment.

Avia A'tai Military ID 7078490 Military Prison 400, Tzrifin Military Postal Code 02447 IDF, Israel

War Resisters' International calls for support to Rotem Dan Mor and Avia A'tai, and their immediate release from prison. War Resisters' International calls for letters of protest to the Israeli authorities, and for letters of support to Rotem and Avia.

Andreas Speck, War Resisters' International


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