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We're making plans to build a new website called 'The Nonviolent Resistance Manual'. The new website will host all the content in the Handbook – with lots of new stories and content – to make it more accessible to even more people. The Nonviolent Resistance Manual will be available in several languages, allow users to contribute their own stories, and include new content about constructive forms of social change, like radical housing cooperatives, occupied factories, land reform movements, and community gardens. We're running a crowdfunder to help us raise the funds we need to make this a reality – we're aiming to raise £1,000 in a month.

You can find out more and support the crowdfunder here:

We have some exciting 'perks' to say thank you for contributions:

  • £15 and we'll send you a Broken Rifle pin badge
  • £40 gets you a copy of the original handbook (and a badge)
  • £60 and we'll send you a hand printed “war is a crime against humanity” tote bag (and a book, and a badge)
  • £80 means a hand printed “war is a crime against humanity” t-shirt (and a book, and a badge) is all yours!

As well as contributing financially, we'd really appreciate support on social media, sharing the link and encouraging your friends to contribute. You can retweet and share these social posts to let your friends and followers know about the crowdfunder:


Thank you for any support!

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