A number of people lie on the ground outside an office door. In the background there is a security guard stood still.

XR Peace blockades BAE Systems offices in London

Six members of the XR Peace affinity group - part of the Extinction Rebellion protest - were arrested on Monday 14th October after blockading the entrance to BAE Systems central London offices.

A Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet takes off.

War In Yemen, Made in Europe

A new report published by one of WRI's affiliates in Belgium – Vredesactie – expolores the full extentof European arms exports to the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

Human Rights Foundation of Turkey Logo

Statement on Turkey's military campaign in Northern Syria

The military offensive launched into north-eastern Syria without deriving even the slightest lesson from what is happening today, is imposed on the society as if it was an indisputable necessity. Its reason, on the other hand, is quite clear: the political power’s need to manufacture social consent as it struggles with governance problems due to the economic, social and political crisis brought about by the erroneous policies pursued.

booklet Cover

Call for articles: We need your voice and knowledge

We are asking for your contributions for our new booklet on understanding the militarised video games industry and how to counter this narrative. How have video games become a tool for militarism? How we can counter the militarised narrative promoted by the video games industry? Send your pieces to us latest by 10th November.