Ruslan Kotsaba

Ukraine: Drop all charges against Ruslan Kotsaba

In Ukraine, a trial against Ukrainian journalist, pacifist and conscientious objector Ruslan Kostaba will be held on Tuesday 19 July 2022, simply because he publicly expressed his pacifist views.

Greece map

Greece: A victory for transparency reveals zero recognition of COs on ideological grounds. Serious deterioration for COs intensifies

Official data obtained after a legal struggle by an applicant for conscientious objector (CO) status, revealed that the percentage of recognition of those applicants for CO status who cite ideological grounds has fallen to 0% in 2021. Greek authorities have also intensified unacceptable practices against conscientious objectors.

European Court of Human Rights logo

Important judgement by the ECtHR in relation to conscientious objection to military service

On 7 June 2022, the European Court of Human Rights issued an important judgement (Teliatnikov v. Lithuania) in relation to the protection of the right of conscientious objection to military service under Article 9 of the European Human Rights Convention. 

Two activists hold a large white banner reading "disarm police"

Australia: activists block bullet manufacturer in solidarity with ceasefire call

On 17th June, members of WRI affiliate in Australia - Wage Peace - blockaded the facilities of the NIOA bullet manufacturer in Benalla in solidarity with the call by Senior Elders from the aboriginal Yuendumu community for a police ceasefire.