A display of ALS equipment and ammunition

AmTec Less Lethal Systems

AmTec Less Lethal Systems (ALS) specialises in a wide range of “less lethal” weapons and equipment designed for use by police, law enforcement, security, prison and military personnel.

The cover image of the Empowering Nonviolence website

Empowering Nonviolence updates

WRI's Empowering Nonviolence website is full of stories and strategies for nonviolent resistance! We've recently uploaded a number of new stories exploring programmes and project focused on building a “new world”.

Four activists stand in a runway with a banner reading "Europe free of Nuclear Weapons"

Belgium: MEPs join runway protest against US nuclear bombs

Members of the European Parliament joined members of Agir Pour la Paix, one of WRI's Belgian affiliates, in occupying the runway of the Kleine-Brogel military base, in protest of the ongoing siting of US nuclear missiles there, one month ahead of a NATO summit in Brussels.