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War Resisters' International from 1921-1939

A book on the history of War Resisters' International from its foundation in 1921 until just before the Second World War is now available. The book gives a political insight into WRI in this early stage, exploring the emergence of "active pacifism", the refusal of military service, anti-fascism in the WRI and responses to the Spanish civil war.

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A thank you to all our new donors!

We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who's signed up to be a regular donor to WRI recently! We made a request in December for financial support, and are really grateful to those who have been able to respond. We're now being supported by sixteen new donors, which to an organisation with a small budget and low expenditure is a significant level of regular support.

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Alternative education to tackle militarism in South Korea

Seventy years after the partition of Korea, the southern part of the peninsula experiences ever-increasing military expenditure, drawing millions of Koreans into a compulsory 21-month long military service. Despite this, the general public tends to neglect how civil society in a post-Korean War (1950-53) context has been militarised.

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Young people are reviving the spirit of resistance in Eritrea

Overnight Eritreans begun repeating one name: Haj Musa Mohamed Nur, whether in support or opposition to him. He became a household name both at home and abroad after the Diaa Al Islam School uprising on the 31st October 2017.