Turkmenistan map

Turkmenistan: Six more conscientious objectors imprisoned since June

Courts in Turkmenistan continue to imprison conscientious objectors. Since June, six more conscientious objectors have been imprisoned: one in June, three in July and two in August.

Around a dozen people climb over the rubble of demolished buildings in Yemen.

Spain: U-turn on Saudi missile order

The Spanish government has decided to go ahead with the delivery of 400 laser guided missiles to Saudi Arabia, worth more than $10m, a few weeks after saying they would cancel the order.

A large group of people stand in front of a military recruitment office in Greece, holding a banner

5th International Week of Action Against the Militarisation of Youth, 12-18 November

On 12-18 November this year, activists from across the world are taking action against the militarisation of young people in their countries, cities and towns.

A blockade at Jeju Naval Base - activists stand in front of the gates with signs.

New material on Empowering Nonviolence

WRI's Empowering Nonviolence website - a toolbox of ideas, stories and strategies from nonviolent activists around the world - continues to be updated. We have recently published new articles on blockade actions, facilitating effective activist meetings, and tips for planning a theatrical action.