A woman from Women in Black London hands a leaflet to a pedestrian walking by.

Activists across Europe take action against arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Across Europe, activists have been resisting arms sales to Saudi Arabia, destined to be used the ongoing war in Yemen. Saudi Arabia's bombing campaign has seen many thousands of civilians killed.

A die-in at DSEI 2017. People lie on the floor, while a woman dressed in business clothing looks down. Behind her activists hold a sign that reads "Human lives smashed for cash"

Acquittals and cases dropped against DSEI defendants

In London, activists arrested taking nonviolent direct action against the DSEI arms fair have been in court in a series of trials.

The Fenix Mine in Guatemala

Guatemalan women sue Canadian mining company

In Canada, eleven indigenous Guatemalan women are in the process of taking a multinational mining company to court. The women allege that in 2007, police officers, soldiers, and private security personnel attacked their village of Lote Ocho, in eastern Guatemala, and burned dozens of homes in a bid to drive the community from their ancestral land.

Abdulhakim Al-Ansi: Communications Assistant (Sana’a), CARE Yemen

Dreaming for peace in Yemen

A day in the life of Hakim Najm in Yemen. His blog sheds light on what it's like to live with the regular threat of air strikes and in a city blockaded from the outside world, experiencing shortages of fuel, food and medical supplies, and all the time trying to tell the outside world of the situation. Stronger international solidarity is needed for this country that has now experienced 1000 days of war.