A number of people stand with monkey masks. One holds a sign reading "I'm not a monkey"

A call for solidarity from West Papua

In August 2019 we were excited to welcome a new affiliate to our international network - Pasifika, based in West Papua. In late August the Indonesian military began a violent crackdown in West Papua, prompting a mass nonviolent response across the region.

Four people sit in front of a screen with the words "Antimilitarism in Movement"

Antimilitarism in Movement!

From July 30th to August 1st 2019, activists from across Colombia, Latin America and the wider world gathered in Bogota for the Antimilitarism in Movement conference, a three day gathering to explore the intersecting experiences of war and militarism - and our movements’ resistance to militarism – from around the world.

Two dozen people stand behind a banner reading "War Resisters' International"

WRI welcomes six new affiliates to our network!

At WRI's recent conference and meeting in Colombia, we were delighted two welcome six new affiliates to our international network.

The image shows details from the bomb fragment found in Yemen. The name "EDO MBM" is clearly visible

UN experts identify British weapon components in Yemen

Experts from the United Nations has identified fragments of laser-guided missile systems used by the Saudi military in Yemen that they concluded could break international law. The fragments were from a guidance unit stamped with the name "EDO MBM Technology ltd", a company based in Brighton.