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Breve Historia de la Noviolencia

Por Jesús Castañar Pérez

Extracto del prólogo

Faltaba un texto breve, actualizado y sintético que, además de no desdeñar la reflexión crítica, lograra sortear el riesgo del anacronismo mientras recuperaba la genealogía del pensamiento sobre la acción noviolenta. Ésas son las virtudes principales de este libro de Jesús Castañar. El autor se sitúa en el centro de los debates que más han preocupado a los partidarios de la noviolencia, para centrarse después en desmenuzar la historia de sus principales corrientes, sin obviar tampoco un repaso previo de la historia de las ideas políticas que hicieron nacer los primeros planteamientos referidos a la desobediencia civil y a lucha noviolenta.

Piecing It Together now available on WRI's website

Piecing It Together: Feminism and Nonviolence – a germinal pamphlet from 1983 – is now online at The Feminism and Nonvio­lence Study Group was a British affiliate of WRI, usu­ally consisting of about eight women activists in a range of grass-roots movements. Some were mainly con­nec­ted with feminist move­ments, others had pacifist roots.

Piecing It Together: Feminism and Nonviolence

Feminism and Nonviolence Study Group

Original pamphlet with 21 pictures available from WRI webshopOriginal pamphlet with 21 pictures available from WRI webshop

Written by the Feminism and Nonviolence Study Group in 1983, and published by them in cooperation with War Resisters' International, the text of Piecing It Together: Feminism and Nonviolence is online here with the permission of the members of the Feminism and Nonviolence Study Group.

Living the Intifada online

Andrew Rigby's 1991 book, Living the Intifada (Zed, 1991) is now online at At the time he wrote this, Andrew was convener of the WRI Middle East Working Group. This is a full-length study of the first intifada, including useful discussion on the issues of violence and nonviolence.

People Power: Unarmed Resistance and Global Solidarity - edited by WRI chair Howard Clark

Contributors include:

Anand Mazgaonkar, Andreas Speck, Andrew Rigby, Angie Zelter, April Carter, Brian Martin, Chesterfield Samba, Christine Schweitzer, Cynthia Cockburn, George Lakey, Janet Cherry, Jorgen Johansen, Kathy Kelly, Milan Rai, Quique Eguren, Stellan Vinthagen, Véronique Dudouet and Yeshua Moser-Puangsuwan

Housmans World Peace Database now available for online search

The Housmans World Peace Database, the main project of the Housmans Peace Resource Project, is now available online.

The Housmans Peace Resource Project was established in the early 1990s by Peace News Trustees primarily to develop the World Peace Directory which has appeared annually in the Housmans Peace Diary since its first edition in 1954.

People Power: Unarmed Resistance and Global Solidarity

Transnational solidarity can be crucial for movements of nonviolent struggle – in helping them emerge, in accessing contacts and resources, and in applying leverage on a regime or corporation. Some “transnational advocacy networks” have been criticised for “taking over” from local organisers and for in effect having a disempowering impact on the struggles which they intend to support. The central argument of this book is that the prime role for transnational solidarity is to strengthen the counter-power of those resisting domination and oppression.

Howard Clark
Pluto Press
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The Conquest of Violence

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Bart de Ligt
Pluto Press
Year published: 
1989 (originally 1937)

Price: £5.50 (US$9.22 ; €7.03)

Nonviolent Struggle and Social Defence

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Unarmed communities have ways of defending what they value, be it their environment or their very integrity as communities, be it basic rights and freedoms or particular social structures. There are alternatives to submission or violent resistance. This is illustrated both in many day-to-day social struggles and by populations without weapons defying the might of the military.

Shelley Anderson and Janet Larmore
War Resisters' International
Year published: 

Price: £1.00 (US$1.68 ; €1.28)
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