Nonviolence Training

Decision-Making (inc. Consensus)

A listing of resources on decision making in nonviolent groups and organisations.

Organizational Structures (inc. Affinity Groups)

A listing of resources on organisational structures in nonviolent groups and campaigns.

Campaign Development

A listing of resources on developing nonviolent campaigns.

A gender dialogue for peacebuilders

  • To create a space for dialogue between women and men in peace organisations.
  • To identify points of tensions between men and women in peace organisations.
  • To develop a level of comfort and commitment to addressing gender issues in peace organisations.

Introduction Exercise

In this section we describe a number of exercises to help you develop your nonviolent campaigns and actions. These exercises can be used during nonviolence trainings, workshops and group meetings. Exercises help make our time together more participatory and contributes to the process of learning and building capacities among participants.

Working Together

1) Several of the organizers and all the trainers should meet well in advance to plan the training. Depending on the situation, the organizers may need to go back to the group for further decision making. The trainers questions may help the organizers understand what more they need to do to prepare the group for the training.

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