Switzerland votes 'yes' to conscription

In our last CO Update we reported on a Swiss referendum on the future of the draft. On 22nd September, 73% of voters opted to maintain conscription.

This is the third time the country has voted down similar proposals by the Group for Switzerland Without an Army: Both a 1989 idea to abolish the army altogether, and a 2001 referendum to replace it with a peace corps, were also rejected.

Switzerland votes on the future of conscription

Swiss citizens will have the chance to vote on whether conscription will be maintained on September 22nd. The Swiss government has already come out against the proposals.

In Switzerland, all men between the ages of 19 and 25 are liable for basic military training. The length of basic military training is 21 weeks, and 18 weeks in some exceptional circumstances.

Switzerland: Too many conscientious objectors

New regulations make conscientious objection more difficult and less attractive

Action Against Private Military Security Companies in Switzerland

Nina Regli

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan arrived in Switzerland this year: a Swiss newspaper reported that Aegis Defence Service, one of the biggest private security companies, had opened a holding base in Basel. Aegis Defence Service, based primarily in London, employs 20,000 mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan who typically work on contract for the American defence ministry.

Switzerland: GSoA launches referendum campaign to abolish conscription

Conscription: not fit for serviceConscription: not fit for serviceWar Resisters' International's Swiss section GSoA (Group for a Switzerland without Army) has launched a new campaign for a referendum to abolish conscription in Switzerland. The campaign is aimed at changing article 59 of the Swiss constitution, which is the legal basis for conscription in the country. According to the present version of paragraph 1 of the article, "Every Swiss man is required to do military service.

Valoraciones del Grupo para una Suiza Sin Ejército sobre el resultado del referéndum sobre la prohibición de las exportaciones de armas

El 68% de los votantes suizos rechazó el domingo la prohibición de exportar armamento a la vez que más del 50% apoyaba la prohibición de construir minaretes

Un voto de desconfianza respecto al Consejo Federal

El Grupo para una Suiza sin Ejército (GSsA) considera que el porcentaje importante de SÍ en favor de la iniciativa “para la prohibición de exportar material de guerra” constituye una expresión clara

Results of the Referendum on Arms Exports in Switzerland

On November 29, 2009, the Swiss people had the opportunity to vote to stop the export of arms. 31.8 % of the electorate decided to say yes to our proposition to ban all arms exports. This result is what we expected during the last months, but it’s less than what we hoped for after the latest polls.

Cheese or Tanks?

Switzerland will vote on a constitutional amendment to ban all exports of arms on November 29. The Swiss electorate still hovers between its ideal of peaceful neutrality and the economic interests of the military industry.

Campaign of the Month: Popular Initiative for a Ban on All Swiss Arms Exports

The popular initiative is an instrument of the direct democracy in Switzerland. If 100,000 people with voting right sign a political request, the authorities are obliged to effect a referendum, the result of which is binding for the government.

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