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Welcome to the War Resisters' International Wiki -- WRIWiki. Experienced and beginning Wiki users are welcome to come on board. Please make sure to create an identity for the WRI website and log in to every session. You need to be logged in to write new messages or edit existing messages, though you are free to look around the site as an anonymous guest.

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WRI Programme related Wiki pages


There are several Wiki pages related to the nonviolence programme:

Right to Refuse to Kill

The Wiki is also being used to create a knowledgebase around WRI's Right to Refuse to Kill programme.

Globalising Nonviolence

The War Resisters' International Triennial Conference Globalising Nonviolence took place in Germany from 23-27 July 2006. It is expected that the existing Triennial wiki pages will become inactive, but users are encouraged to start new wiki pages for evaluations of the conference, workshop reports, and so forth.

Translation resources

You are free to write in any language. We hope to use the wiki to increase both the speed and accuracy of our translations; see the Translation resources page for help with specific translation terms.