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12 Oct 2016

Every year, War Resisters' International holds an annual Council meeting - this is where some of the big decisions about our organisation get made, by the groups who make up the network. This year our meeting is happening online, and you can take part.


We will have four "webinars" open to the public. These online seminars will explore some of the key work we have been doing this year, and discuss important events internationally. After input from our presenters, there will be time for questions and discussions. They will be recorded and made available online afterwards. All timings are in Coordinated Universal Time. Look that up here.

International responses to Syria, Saturday 15th October, 12.30pm UTC

Stopping the cycle of violence in Turkey, Monday 17th October, 4.00pm UTC

Constructive programmes: 'New Worlds in Old Shells', Wednesday 19th October, 12:30 UTC

Countering the militarisation of youth: examples of resistance, Friday 21st October, 4.00pm UTC

Discussion threads

As well as webinars, our meeting will include discussion threads on a platform called Loomio. If you are interested in taking part in these please email with the subject 'WRI eCouncil participation'.

11 Oct 2016

Download this report as a pdf

Put together by the WRI Executive Committee and Staff


Action preparations at the Stopping the War Business Seminar and Action in Seoul 2015Action preparations at the Stopping the War Business Seminar and Action in Seoul 2015

Another year has passed, and with it far too much death and destruction caused by wars and militarism. But people around the world continue to stand up for peace and resist the military (non)solutions, the arms race, the injustices, the unequal distributions of resources. In this annual report, you'll read about some of these struggles; conscientious objectors refusing being part of the war machine, groups around the world taking action against the militarisation of youth, peace activists coming together to learn from each other and strengthen ongoing campaigns and networks.

The report include an account of the WRI programme activities since the last Council, the work of WRI and its affiliates in the different regions of the world, the WRI internal business, WRI publications, statements and press releases, the WRI campaign to stop the violence in Turkey , WRI’s financial situation and finally an outlook for the coming year. As you will read in the report, organisations and individuals continue to find WRI to exchange experiences and knowledge, forming links between peace activists around the world and building stronger movements as we learn from each other.

22 Sep 2016

In Spring 2016 War Resisters' International launched a new campaign focusing on the escalating cycle of violence in Turkey. As part of this campaign, initiated in response to demands from WRI activists in Turkey, we have launched a petition addressing the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini, on behalf of the European Union. The appeal was calling on the EU not to lose sight of the situation in Turkey, and to take action on the escalating violence in the country.

15 Sep 2016

WRI produces The Broken Rifle magazine three times a year. Recent themes have included: Antimilitarism and climate change; Stopping the war business; The militarisation of borders; Conscientious objection: today and tomorrow, and Queer and antimilitarism.

We're always looking for ideas for subjects to focus on. Feel free to send your ideas to

Read our latest issue below, and sign up to receive the next issue here.



02 Sep 2016

We're making plans to build a new website called 'The Nonviolent Resistance Manual'. The new website will host all the content in the Handbook – with lots of new stories and content – to make it more accessible to even more people. The Nonviolent Resistance Manual will be available in several languages, allow users to contribute their own stories, and include new content about constructive forms of social change, like radical housing cooperatives, occupied factories, land reform movements, and community gardens. We're running a crowdfunder to help us raise the funds we need to make this a reality – we're aiming to raise £1,000 in a month.

28 Jul 2016

Every year, WRI holds a council meeting – sometimes this is in person, but this year will be held online over two weeks of internet forums, conference calls and webinars. As well as more formal decision-making related to WRI, it is an opportunity to discuss politics, campaigns, and issues that are important to us. In 2014 we held a series of meetings via conference calls and as 'webinars' (web-based seminars) on different topics, and we are inviting contributions for ideas of similar events for this years meeting. Email with the subject "E-council planning" if there is something you would like to contribute.




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