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Rapport de pays: United Kingdom


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21 sept. 2007

Submission to the 91st Session of the Human Rights Committee: October 2007


On the surface, the UK’s record with regard to conscientious objection to military service is exemplary.

20 sept. 2007

The British regulations governing the right to conscientious objection have long been a well hidden "secret". In its 1998 report "Refusing to bear arms. A world survey on conscription and conscientious objection to military service", War Resisters' International wrote: "The current army rule covering the procedure on conscientious objection is Instruction No. 6 [D/DM(A) 7/5/3(M1(A))] - which is actually forbidden to be published outside the army.

01 août 2007

Index of papers relased under the Freedom of Information Act

WRI has obtained the following papers from the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) pursuant to a Freedom of Information request in August 2007.

  1. Cover letter 17-08-2007-161349-004 Speck (Ministry of Defence)
  2. Armed forces policy on conscientious objectors (Ministry of Defence)
  3. AGAIs Vol 5 Instruction 006 - Retirement or discharge on grounds of conscience (Royal Army)
  4. Personnel, Legal, Administrativeand General orders 0801.
20 juill. 2007

"Serious flaws regarding human rights"

Using the UK Freedom of Information Act, War Resisters' International finally obtained the regulations governing the right to conscientious objection for the three branches of the British Armed Forces [1], in time to examine them for a counter-report to the United Nations Human Rights Committee, which will examine the United Kingdoms human rights record in its sessions in October 2007 and July 2008 [2].
01 juin 2006

The BBC reported on 28 May that more than 1,000 British soldiers deserted from the Armed Forces since the beginning of the war in Iraq.

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