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Kuwait: Conscription law to be reinstated

Kuwait Times reported on 19 February that the authorities plan to reinstate the conscription law by the end of 2009, after an eight-year hiatus. The draft law will be reviewed by a high-level committee first ,after which it will be submitted to the National Assembly. Officials said that young recruits will receive a monthly allowance, in addition to their salaries. Those who study abroad, single-child (male) families and diplomats will be exempted from service, reported Al-Waset. The draft law stipulates that men below 35 years of age should complete a nine-month service period, if they are university graduates. Those who are less qualified should serve a full year. The old law passed in 1980s was repealed at the government's behest.

Source: Kuwait Times: conscription law to be reinstated, 19 February 2009