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Stopping the War Business: 16 - 17 October: Seoul, Republic of Korea

[an international seminar on war profiteering] 

Stopping the War Business
talking tactics and linking methods

16 - 17 October 2015: Seoul, Republic of Korea

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South Korean activists take action against the ADEX arms fair in 2013South Korean activists take action against the ADEX arms fair in 2013For antimilitarists, disrupting war profiteering means knocking out the economic pillars that make war inevitable. It goes far beyond the arms trade (although that is an important part of it), and includes all those who fund and profit from war and militarisation.

Disrupting war profiteering takes a whole range of activities, from research, lobbying and legal challenges to mobilisation, direct action and creative campaigning techniques.

This seminar will provide a space for activists using a whole range of different methods to gather together, learn how a spectrum of tactics interlink and help each other to be more effective. It'll answer questions like 'How can we make our direct action more strategic using research? 'How could a public campaign support our lobbying work?' 'What tools or methods can help my campaign be more effective?'

This international seminar Stopping the War Business will be held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 16-17th October. The seminar is jointly coordinated by World Without War in Korea and international antimilitarist network War Resisters' International.

Conscientious objection in South Korea with Seungho Park

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27 May 2015

Where: Peace Pledge Union, 1 Peace Passage, London, N7 0BT

When: Wednesday 27th May, 7.00pm

Please RSVP to hannah[at]wri-irg.org

CO day in Seoul, 2015CO day in Seoul, 2015There are more conscientious objectors to military service in prison in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) than the rest of the world put together. Come and hear why - and what's being done to challenge this - from Seungho Park, an activist working for World Without War, an antimilitarist and pacifist group in South Korea. Seungho is  currently on a speaking tour of Europe to raise awareness and support for their campaign. He has previously worked for Amnesty International in South Korea.

The event starts at 7.00pm on Wednesday 27 May. An informal presentation on the CO movement in South Korea will be followed by a time for discussion and questions (also on World Without War's other campaigns, including against war profiteering and the arms trade), and a chance to look round the new Peace Pledge Union exhibition: Refusing to Kill, looking at conscientious objectors and other men and women who challenged the British state during World War One.

News release: Campaigners call for the release of over 600 conscientious objectors imprisoned in South Korea

Contact Hannah Brock on +44-20-7278 4040 and hannah@wri-irg.org

Today marks International Conscientious Objection day. Worldwide, 92% of all conscientious objectors imprisoned for refusing obligatory military service are in the Republic of Korea (South Korea). An international campaign is calling for their release and the recognition of the right to conscientious objection everywhere.

Introduction to conscientious objection in Republic of Korea

An introduction to conscientious objection in Republic of Korea, from World Without War. Download it here.

To be a conscientious objector is not a crime: petition for South Korean COs




War Resisters' International, Amnesty International, Connection e.V. and World Without War are petitioning the South Korean Defence Minister, General Han Min-Koo 한민구, calling upon his government to immediately and unconditionally release all conscientious objectors; recognise conscientious objection as a human right inherent to the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; make appropriate provision for conscientious objectors to military service; and to clear the criminal records and provide compensation for conscientious objectors who have been imprisoned for refusing military service in the past.

Sign it online here and download a paper version here.

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Global Day of Action on Military Spending, 2015

On Monday 13th April, groups across the world took action on military spending. The Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS) is now in it's fifth year, and WRI affiliates took action to highlight the huge amounts of money that are wasted on military expenditure across the globe.

In Finland, two WRI affiliates came together to display a banner reading "If we had $1.8 trillion, we'd would #movethemoney to education, renewable energy, healthcare" in multiple languages. Members of South Korean group World Without War are currently touring Europe, met with members of AKL (the Union of Conscientious Objectors), and took part in the action.

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