WRI Council meeting, London

Start date: 
11 Sep 2017 - 12 Sep 2017

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WRI's Council meeting will take place in London in September, coinciding with DSEI - Defence & Security Equipment International - the biggest arms fair in the world.

The schedule for our events is as follows:

  • Friday 8th September: arrivals and preparation for Saturday's action
  • Saturday 9th September: join the big day of action against DSEI with Campaign Against Arms Trade
  • Sunday 10th September: a public event on international militarism and the arms trade
  • Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th September: Council meeting

Please check back at this page for more information.

We're planning the events with Campaign Against Arms Trade, the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the Peace Pledge Union,  and Trident Ploughshares - some of our UK-based affiliates.

The arms trade is international, but so is our resistance!

#warstartshere #stopDSEI