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War is a Crime against Humanity: The Story of The War Resisters' International

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Direct action against NATO's Trident Juncture war games in Barbate, Cádiz

Happening now: direct action against NATO's Trident Juncture military exercises that are taking place across Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Members of the European Antimilitarist Network join antimilitarists from state of Spain.

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Seoul: Activists disrupt arms dealers' welcome dinner

Photo: Sarah WaldronPhoto: Sarah Waldron

After the Stopping the War Business seminar, WRI and World Without War activists took action to disrupt the welcome dinner for the ADEX arms fair in Seoul.

Inside the hotel that was hosting the dinner, activists held banners, chanted 'Stop Arms Trade', and flung money strewn with 'blood' on the ground. They were forceably removed by security, but caught the attention of over around 100 'VIPs', arms dealers and members of the military.

Photo: Mohannad DarabeePhoto: Mohannad Darabee

Outside, protesters held a rally, with speakers, songs, a die-in and a dance, in full view of the buses of arms dealers arriving for the dinner.

Wolfgang Zucht

WRI is sad to announce the death of Wolfgang Zucht, who died on 17 September 2015. Wolfgang was an activist, long-time member of WRI sections in Germany (the Federation of Nonviolent Action Groups and of IdK Berlin), and ran a libertarian-nonviolent publishing house, WeZuCo.

We are happy to pass on messages to Helga Weber, Wolfgang's partner, which you can send to info@wri-irg.org

See Wolfgang Zucht - Gedenkseite

Two Conscientious Objectors, Polen Ünlü and Alper Sapan, were murdered in the Suruç massacre

Polen ÜnlüPolen ÜnlüStatement from WRI affiliate Vicdani Ret Derneği

On 20th of July, many young people from different cities took the road for the re-construction of Kobanê which is the city that has been resisting against the attacks of ISIS for several months. Those young people wanted to re-build the city which was destroyed by war and bring life back to the children who are sentenced to death in the pillaged land. Alper SapanAlper Sapan

But they could not success. Everlasting war policy turned to a bomb and exploded right at the middle of the crowd of young people who were resisting to build the peace. Tens of people lost their lives and hundreds of them were injured.

One of those young people who had lost her life is Polen Ünlü who declared her conscientious objection in 2012 by saying “That war does not murder only men, but it murders women as well.” Alper Sapan is also one of those young people who had murdered in the massacre, and also one of conscientious objectors who declared his conscientious objection in May 2014 by saying “For the world where there is no war, no nation, no border; for freedom, I am listening to my heart and rejecting the military service.”

Auction of Runham Brown's watch

This beautiful, working watch belonged to Herbert Runham Brown (1879-1949), one of the founders of WRI.

It has been kindly donated to WRI for auction by WRI member and former staff person Wolfgang Zucht, in the hope that it might again be owned by someone connected with WRI who would appreciate its history, and be able to help to continue Brown's work through WRI in the process.

Winning bid: £111.11

The auction has now closed. Thank you to everyone who bid!

WRI unterstützt Menschenrechtsverteidiger in Venezuela

Die Internationale der Kriegsgegner_innen (WRI) sorgt sich um die Sicherheit ihrer Mitglieder und gleichgesinnter Menschenrechtsverteidiger in Venezuela.

Am 13. Mai veröffentlichte der Präsident der Nationalversammlung, Diosdado Cabello, die Reiseplanungen der WRI-Mitglieder Rafael Uzcátegui vom venezuelanischen „Programa Venezolano de Educación-Acción en Derechos Humanos“ (Program zur Bildung und Aktion für Menschenrechte - PROVEA) und Carlos Correa von „Espacio Público“ (Öffentlicher Raum). Diese Informationen wurden in Diosdado Cabellos wöchentlicher Fernsehsendung „Con el Mazo Dando“ öffentlich gemacht. In dieser Sendung wird regelmässig die Arbeit von Menschenrechtsaktivist_innenin Frage gestellt und Informationen über ihre Aufenthaltsorte verbreitet. Nicholas Maduro, Präsident von Venezuela, hat regierungskritische NGOs als „Banditen“ bezeichnet und dazu aufgerufen, eine Filmdokumentation zu produzieren, deren Ausstrahlung die „Wahrheit“ über die Arbeit der Menschenrechtsorganisationen „enthüllen“ soll.

Europäische antimilitarische Aktionen

Im Mai und Juni haben Mitglieder der WRI in ganz Europa Aktionen gegen Kriegsprofiteure und das Militär durchgeführt. Am 26. Mai blockierte die „Gruppe für eine Schweiz ohne Armee“ - GSOA – den Eingang zu einer Waffenfabrik, um einen Deal der Drohnenfirma Elbit Systems zu stören. Am gleichen tag besetzte die Belgier Mitgliedsorganisation Vredesaktie und Agir Pour La Paix die Büros von vier Regierungsparteien in Protest gegen den Plan,neue F-35 Kampfjets zu kaufen. Am 8. Mai protestierten zehn AktivistInnen in der Türkei gegen die IDEF 2015 Rüstungsmesse in Istanbul, trotz schwerem Widerstands von Seiten der Polizei. (Hier gibt es ein Video ihres Statements in Türkisch.) Ein paar Tage später wurden Waffenhändler, die an der IDET Rüstungsmesse in Brno, Tschechien, teilnahmen, von einem Heer grimmiger Sensenmänner und -frauen und einem Banner „Der Tod geht um in Brno“ begrüßt.

Mehr Informationen (auf Englisch) ...

Burghfield Lockdown and European Antimilitarist Network meeting

Construction gate blockadedConstruction gate blockaded

On Monday 2nd March, members of the European Antimilitarist Network and hundreds of activists from across the British isles rose early and prepared for a mass blockade of Burghfield Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) - Burghfield Lockdown. Burghfield is one of the sites where the British government builds and maintains the nuclear warheads that are fundamental to the Trident nuclear weapons system (alongside Aldermaston, seven miles down the road). The activists were aiming to stop work at the base for the day by nonviolently blockading all of the entrances. Working in small affinity groups, they gathered at strategic points around the base, and all but shut the base by sitting in the roads, many locked together using chains and 'lock on tubes' – in fact, it seems work at the base that day had already been cancelled because of the action, something the protesters counted as an immediate success!

European Antimilitarist Network members questioned under UK anti-terror law

European Antimilitarist Network members meeting before Burghfield LockdownEuropean Antimilitarist Network members meeting before Burghfield Lockdown

Burghfield Lockdown: 25 European Activists Questioned under Schedule 7 Terrorism Act 2000 in Calais

25 international peace activists from Finland, Sweden, and Belgium travelling on a coach from Finland to Burghfield in Berkshire to take part in the Burghfield Lockdown blockade planned for Monday 2 March were stopped and searched under Schedule 7 Terrorism Act by British anti-terror police in Calais on 28 February 2015. The pacifists from groups including the Union of Conscientious Objectors Finland (AKL), ofog in Sweden and Agir pour la Paix in Belgium are part of a group of more than 40 European activist who will take part in the blockade of AWE Burghfield on Monday 2 March 2015, to build up pressure against the renewal of Britain’s Trident nuclear weapon system [1].

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