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18 Nov 2015

Return to Conscientious Objection: A Practical Companion for Movements

Rafael Uzcategui is a Venezuelan conscientious objector, author, and human rights activist who has been active with War Resisters' International, and in antimilitarism more generally, for many years. Here, he summarises the main tendencies of the Latin American conscientious objection movement, and details how his own nonviolent anarchist position fits into this picture.

During the eighties, many Latin American countries were living under military dictatorships or suffering the consequences of civil war. These were also the days of the Cold War, during which the US considered Latin America one of its 'zones of influence': almost like a back garden. The traumatic and progressive democratisation process meant that broad swathes of the continent's youth developed an antimilitarist sentiment, which began to take on an organised and political dimension. As an adolescent at the beginning of the nineties in Barquisimeto, a town 5 hours away from the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, my peers and I had to hide ourselves twice a year for fifteen days, to avoid compulsory military service. Otherwise they would seize us on the streets and, without wasting words, force us into a truck, with others just as terrified, and from there take us to the barracks. For many of us, these forced recruitment raids or 'press gangs' were the starting point for our rejection of authority and of the military uniform.

17 Mai 2012

Um Militarisierung und Jugend in diesem Land in Verbindung zu bringen, müssen wir einen weiten Blick werfen und uns die Hunderte von Jahren des Militarismus in der Geschichte dieser Region bewusst machen: die gewaltsame Besetzung durch europäische Kolonialmächte, die Erfindung von „Helden des Vaterlandes“ als Haupt-Motivationsspender des Patriotismus, die Legalisierung der militärischen Ausbildung durch die Wehrpflicht, die wachsenden Militärausgaben im Vergleich zu den Sparmaßnahmen im Sozialbereich, die Einführung von militärischen Praktiken in den zivilen Schulen und die Veränderung des Mil

03 Nov 2011

Chile reformed its military service seven years ago, to focus recruitment for military service on volunteers. Ever since, Chile's armed forces were able to fill their ranks entirely with volunteers, although generally a process of conscription was started in October to select potential conscripts as a backup. In October 2008, 70,461 youth were chosen in the "sorteo general" (recruitment lottery) and had to report to the recruitment authorities, but in the end nobody was called up for military service against his will. This was repeated in the following years.

01 Aug 2007

Se asume aquí como tema "el movimiento de rechazo al Servicio Militar Obligatorio (en adelante SMO) y de resistencia al militarismo en Chile", desarrollado entre 1990 y 2007; periodo político que en nuestro país ha sido señalado como una etapa de "vuelta" y de "transición" a la democracia, después de 17 años de dictadura militar.

18 Mai 2007

18 May 2007


13. The Committee notes the State party’s intention to adopt a law recognizing the right of conscientious objection to military service, but continues to be concerned that this right has still not been recognized (article 18 of the Covenant).

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