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Berichte vom Internationalen Aktionstag für Bildung und Forschung ohne Militär

Owen Everett

Der erste „Internationale Aktionstag für Bildung und Forschung ohne Militär“ wurde von der WRI am 14. Juni 2013 organisiert. Aktivisten in Indien, Deutschland, Südafrika, Spanien, Chile, Kongo, den USA und Israel riefen zu einer Trennung von Militär und Bildung auf.

In Israel kamen antimilitaristische Aktivisten von New Profile, der Women’s Coalition for Peace und dem American Friends Service Committee zusammen, um ein Straßentheater zu organisieren, das die Gegenwart des Militärs in der Bildung in Szenen umsetzte. Der „rekrutierte Klassenraum“, den wir auf die Bühne brachten, umfasste eine Ausstellung von Fotos und Bildern, die die Anwesenheit des Militärs, seiner Symbole und Werte im Bildungssystem zeigen: Zeichnungen von Panzern und Kampfflugzeugen in Arbeitsblättern für den Kindergarten, Bilder von Kindern, die Militärmützen tragen und ihren soldatischen Lehrer begrüßen (einige Soldaten im israelischen Militär werden in unterprivilegierten Gemeinden als Schullehrer eingesetzt), das Foto einer Kanone, die innerhalb eines Kinderspielplatzes aufgestellt ist, und viele andere.

Vassilakopoulos Vassilis

  • Griechenland

With this script I declare publicly my conscious objection to fulfill any military service for the reasons listed below.

The reasons I want to serve in a government department and not in the bodies of the Army are:

Vassilakopoulos Vassilis

  • Griechenland
Activist type:
  • Kriegsdienstverweigerer/in
  • Declared objector

Myanmar frees 96 child soldiers from armed forces, but children are still in the military

Myanmar's army has freed 96 children and young people from its armed forces, the United Nations has said. This was the largest single release of child recruits in Myanmar since the country's government entered into an agreement with the UN in 2012 on the issue. The army has released a total of 272 children and youth over the past 18 months, but has not completely stopped its use of children. According to Al Jazeera, no record of verifiable figures exists to prove how many children currently serve in Myanmar's military.

Video: 'Oblava'. Illegal and Forced Recruitment in Tajikistan

 This is a repost, with thanks to Global Voices

As Tajikistan's military faces a struggle to get enough volunteer conscripts, recruitment officers often rely on illegal practices in drafting military-age men into the army. One of the most common among such practices is “oblava” which involves “military press gangs making sweeps of city streets, bazaars and bus stations, rounding up young men who meet the desired criteria [to serve their compulsory two-year-long service]“.

Gathering information on countering the militarisation of youth

Since the last CO Update, Gary, from the National Network Opposing the Militarisation of Youth, worked from the WRI office for three months. Gary's main work was on a website that brings together news about the militarisation of youth globally – and about what movements are doing to counter this.

If you see any news item that relate to these topics, please email them to me at We will be looking for the site to include information from all over the world, so please get in touch with your resources!

WRI: campaigning and networking in Colombia

COs workshopCOs workshopIn November, Hannah from the WRI office and Igor Seke from WRI's Right to Refuse to Kill Committee visited Colombia.

Let Them Stay Week: War Resisters' Support Campaign in Canada protests deportations

The Canadaian War Resisters' Support Campaign held a week of action from January 12 to 19th, asking Canadians across the country to send a message that U.S. war resisters are welcome in Canada, and that the Canadian government must stop the deportations and enact a provision to let them stay.

For 'Let Them Stay Week 2014', activists joined in on social media, by writing to local papers, lobbying the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and promoting public meetings and debates.

'We will never under any circumstances be a piece in this sexist, racist, militarist system, neither as a village-guards nor as soldiers'

Kill Militarism (Turkish)Kill Militarism (Turkish)December saw 45 Kurdish men and women in Turkey declaring their conscientious objection 'in order to remember the 34 young men killed in the Roboski massacre two years ago', through the Roboski Conscientious Objection and Amed (Diyarbakir) Conscientious Objection Initiatives. The death of 34 young men occurred at the Turkish-Iraqi border, when two Turkish F16 jets fired at a group of villagers, claiming to act on information that PKK (Kurdish Workers' Party) militants were crossing the border. Faruk Encü, making a statement in the name of the Roboski Conscientious Objection Initiative, said “Here we are calling once again on those village-guards that have been made into a part of this militarist process, to those who are sending those close to them and their children to do military service, and to those people who are part of this war-making machine to make a few cents. Reject taking up arms for a sexist structure that has his turned this region into a graveyard of peoples, and if you have already taken up arms immediately correct this wrong.

Two Gulf States introduce conscription

In November, Qatar’s government approved a draft law making it compulsory for men to do military service for up to four months. This is the first instance of conscription in the state of Qatar. The four-month term would apply to Qatari men who have not attended school, college or university, and those who did attend but did not complete high school after reaching 21. Graduates will be conscripted for three months. No time frame for the introduction of compulsory military service has been given.