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Dem Kriegsgeschäft Einhalt gebieten: Anmeldeschluss verlängert

Im Oktober werden WRI und ihr südkoreanisches Mitglied World Without War ein internationales Seminar mit Fokus auf Widerstand gegen die Geschäftemacherei mit dem Krieg veranstalten. „Stopping the War Business“ (dem Kriegsgeschäft Einhalt gebieten) wird Aktivisten zusammenbringen, die in vielfältigen Kontexten – von Militarisierung der Polizei bis hin zur Rohstoffindustrie und Profitieren von Besatzung – gegen das Kriegsgeschäft sind. Man kann sich immer noch für das Seminar anmelden, das gleichzeitig mit einem WRI-Ratstreffen stattfinden wird. Für weitere Informationen:


Zwei Kriegsdienstverweigerer unter den in Suruç Getöteten

Polen ÜnlüPolen ÜnlüAm 20. Juli wurden bei einem Überfall auf Zivilisten in der südtürkischen Stadt Suruç Dutzende Menschen getötet. Kriegsdienstverweigerer Alper Sapan und Polen Ünlü waren unter ihnen. Das WIR-Mitglied Vicdani Ret Derneği hat eine Erklärung veröffentlicht, die auch die Verweigerungserklärungen von Polen und Alper beinhalten (siehe unten):

Meetings and actions against the arms trade: Czech Republic

This year, the annual ENAAT (European Network Against Arms Trade) meeting took place from 15th to 17th May in Brno, Czech Republic. Organized by NESEHNUTÍ, a local NGO, the aim of the meeting was to strengthen the cooperation among the ENAAT members, and to come up with some new ideas regarding ENAAT’s future and discuss the trends of the arms trade of European countries, many of which keep preferring business to human rights by selling arms and weapons to authoritarian and oppressive regimes.

War profiteer of the month: Afek

According to Geoff Rochwarger, CEO of Afek, energy independence is the new Zionism.

Two Conscientious Objectors, Polen Ünlü and Alper Sapan, were murdered in the Suruç massacre

Polen ÜnlüPolen ÜnlüStatement from WRI affiliate Vicdani Ret Derneği

On 20th of July, many young people from different cities took the road for the re-construction of Kobanê which is the city that has been resisting against the attacks of ISIS for several months. Those young people wanted to re-build the city which was destroyed by war and bring life back to the children who are sentenced to death in the pillaged land. Alper SapanAlper Sapan

But they could not success. Everlasting war policy turned to a bomb and exploded right at the middle of the crowd of young people who were resisting to build the peace. Tens of people lost their lives and hundreds of them were injured.

One of those young people who had lost her life is Polen Ünlü who declared her conscientious objection in 2012 by saying “That war does not murder only men, but it murders women as well.” Alper Sapan is also one of those young people who had murdered in the massacre, and also one of conscientious objectors who declared his conscientious objection in May 2014 by saying “For the world where there is no war, no nation, no border; for freedom, I am listening to my heart and rejecting the military service.”

Block the Factory

Ben Whitaker

On July 6 the sun rose to the news that three arms factories had been occupied, and a fourth blockaded. All four factories are wholly owned subsidiaries of Israel’s largest arms company, Elbit Systems.

Polen Ünlü

  • Polen ÜnlüPolen Ünlü

  • Türkei
Activist type:
  • Kriegsdienstverweigerer/in
  • Declared objector

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Stopping the War Business: talking tactics and linking methods - registration deadline extended

War profiteering

We live in a world where people profit from war. In 2014, Global military expenditure was estimated to be $1776 billion. Lockheed Martin - the world's biggest arms company - sold more than $45.6 billion worth of equipment. The war in Iraq wrenched open the country's economy to contractors of all shapes and sizes.

Arms companies profit from every bomb that falls, and every bullet that's fired. Through occupation, companies have the opportunity to exploit cheap land and lax labour laws. Conflict zones give fossil fuel giants access to new resources to exploit. Militarism means that research funding goes towards developing weapons of war, not finding solutions to global challenges like climate change.

Alper Sapan

  • Türkei
Activist type:
  • Kriegsdienstverweigerer/in
  • Declared objector

CO Declarations:

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Solidarity with those killed in Suruç

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Alper SapanAlper SapanYesterday's attack against civilians in the southern Turkish town of Suruç killed dozens of people. Conscientious objectors Alper Sapan and Polen Ünlü  were amongst those killed. In solidarity and respect, we share news from WRI member Merve Arkun:

Two of our CO friends were murdered by a suicide bomb attack that has happened in Pirsus (Suruç, Urfa, Turkey), today.

More than 31 Polen ÜnlüPolen Ünlüpeople travelling to Kobanê to support resistance against ISIS have died. At least 100 were heavily wounded.

Here is his Alper Sapan's CO declaration:
I am Alper Sapan. I am an anarchist who 19 years old. I am against the injustice, exploitation and oppression of the state. I am rejecting violence and the state. I am listening to the voice of my conscience and objecting the military system for a world that no borders, no wars and no nations. I will not die, I will not kill for anybody and will not be anybody's soldier.

Before militarism ends our lives let's end militarism.

Information about Polen Ünlü is still being translated into English. You can find information in Turkish here.

via Vicdani Ret Derneği (Conscientious Objection Association)