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Civil resistance and 'people power' movements: beyond regime change

South Africa in solidarity with PalestineSouth Africa in solidarity with PalestineToday it is obvious that unarmed popular movements are able to overthrow authoritarian regimes, even militarized and dictatorial regimes that have controlled countries for decades. Through mass demonstrations, civil disobedience, noncooperation, strikes and boycotts some 30 dictatorships have fallen during the last decades. We have more recently seen how entrenched authoritarian regimes have fallen within “the Arab Spring” in Egypt and Tunisia, and previously similar dramatic transitions have happened throughout Latin America, Easter Europe, Western Africa, as well as in South Africa, Iran, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc. All these examples point towards the people power or nonviolent revolution that Gandhi was instrumental in developing during the struggle in South Africa and India. However, it is also obvious today that these regime changes point towards a number of problems and challenges, some of which our theme group want to engage with.

The war business

War profiteering has a long and loathsome history. However, in the age of neo-liberalism - during which large-scale privatisation has been taking place - war profiteers have found new opportunities to rake in enormous profits.

Video: Howard Clark posthumously awarded the James Lawson Award

The James Lawson Awards are named after and presented in person by James Lawson, a leader in US Civil Rights movement who led the Nashville Lunch Counter sit-ins of 1960 and who Martin Luther King, Jr. called, “the leading theorist and strategist of nonviolence in the world."

ISRAEL: Third imprisonment for CO Uriel Ferera

  • Israel
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Uriel FereraUriel FereraOn 8th June Uriel Ferera, a 19 year old conscientious objector in Israel, was imprisoned for 20 days for refusing military service. This is his third imprisonment.

Send a protest email to the Israeli authorities here.

'We will not take part in occupation'

Release conscientious objector Uriel Ferera: repeatedly imprisoned

  • Israel
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  • 27 Jun 2014
  • Use this form to send the letter below to the relevant authority (Minister of Defence Moshe Ya`alon). You can add your own notes in a separate box after the standard text, if you wish. You must include a name, address, and email address; a copy will be sent to you with a cc to the WRI office (so we have a record of how many email letters have been sent out for this particular case).

Release conscientious objector Uriel Ferera: repeatedly imprisoned

Dear Moshe Ya'alon,

Uriel Ferera, a conscientious objector from Be’er Sheva, has been imprisoned for the third time for his refusal to join the Israeli army.

He was sentenced to 20 days imprisonment on 8th June and is now in Military Prison no. 6.

Uriel Ferera

Detention centre:
Start of detention:
  • 8 Jun 2014
End of detention:
  • 27 Jun 2014
  • Israel
  • Third prison sentence for refusing military service.

Protesta en contra del apoyo a la industria de la muerte por la Junta de Andalucía

Concentración contra la feria de armas organizada por la Junta de Andalucía en Sevilla, 5 de junio de 2014, ante el Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Sevilla


JPEG - 20.1 KB
Protesta de la RANA
Antes de la feria de armas «Aerospace and Defense Meetings Sevil

One month to go! Small Actions Big Movements: the Continuum of Nonviolence

We are now one month away from WRI's first International Conference in Africa!

WRI's section in South Africa and our conference hosts, the Ceasefire Campaign have a countdown on their website to the conference!

With over 150 people confirmed, with many workshops offered from activists from Africa, Europe, Latin and North America, Oceania and Asia, the conference promises to be truly participatory and international!

See this page for key info including the Calendar of events, Practical Information about the conference, Conference programme, Info on related Events and to offer a workshop.

Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns crowdfunder

WRI are preparing to release a new edition of the Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns, and running a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to get it finished -

Small Actions Big Movements: the Continuum of Nonviolence - registration deadline extended!

Thank you to everyone who has registered for the 'Small Actions, Big Movements: The Continuum of Nonviolence' International Conference. We know that many of you did not manage to register in time but still would like to attend the conference, so we have extended the registration deadline to 31 May.

This is the link to the registration form.