Kampagnen: Globale Initiative gegen Kriegsprofiteure

Dies ist die Indexseite der Globalen Initiative gegen Kriegsprofiteure. Für AntimilitaristInnen ist am Krieg zu verdienen nicht nur deshalb falsch, weil es sich um Profit handelt, meistens für private Unternehmen, sondern auch weil es sich dabei auch um eine der Ursachen von Krieg handelt. Diese Seite ist ein Index einiger Online-Ressourcen zur Kampagne, und nicht eine umfangreiche Beschreibung der Kampagne.

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War Profiteers' News bietet Informationen zu neuen Entwicklungen im Waffenhandel; die zunehmende Rolle von Privatunternehmen beim Outsourcing von Seiten des Militärs, sowie zu privaten Finanzinstitutionen, insoweit als sie vom Waffenhandel profitieren. Der E-Newsletter erscheint auf English und Spanisch und ist in drei Formaten erhältlich: email, RSS feed, und statische Web-versionen.


11 Apr 2014

Declaración de la Red Latinoamericana Antimilitarista por el día mundial de acción contra el gasto militar

La Red Latinoamericana Antimilitarista, red definida como una coordinación que promueve a través de diversas acciones el antimilitarismo en la sociedad, cuestionando la estructura militar y las prácticas de dominación en la región; hace un llamamiento a celebrar el día mundial contra el gasto militar diciendo: No queremos más armas para Latinoamérica.

15 Apr 2013

WRI statement on the Global Day of Action on Military Spending

On 15 April there were more than 120 actions worldwide as part of the Global Day of Action on Military Spending, an initiative coordinated by the International Peace Bureau (IPB). The day of action coincided with the annual release of SIPRI's figures on military spending. According to SIPRI, in the last year there was a slight decrease (0.5%) of the world military expenditure. However, China - the second largest spender in 2012 - increased its expenditure by 7.8 per cent ($11.5 billion). Russia - the third largest spender - increased its expenditure by 16 per cent ($12.3 billion). Annual world military spending continues at around $1.5 trillion dollars.

09 Apr 2013

Declaración regional por el Día Mundial de Acción Contra el Gasto Militar

El 15 de abril se celebrará el Día Mundial Contra el Gasto Militar, iniciativa coordinada por la Oficina Internacional de la Paz (IPB por sus siglas en inglés). Las organizaciones por la paz en Latinoamérica, provenientes de distintas y diversas historias y culturas, con una larga trayectoria de apuesta por la resolución noviolenta de los conflictos, nos sumamos a este día y decimos No más armas para Latinoamérica.


11 Mär 2010

A. deployments

To research deployments you need:

  • information on military units getting deployed
  • information on the structure of the military, in order to make a good interpretation of the information
  • information on how troops deploy and their logistics

1. A good starting point is the website of the ministry of defense and of the military

http://www.nato.int/cps/en/natolive/nato_countries.htm - an overview of links to the MoD of the NATO countries

On these website you often find:


25 Mai 2009

Martin Smedjeback

Anna und ich versteckten uns in den Büschen bei Saab Bofors Dynamics in Eskilstuna. Ich flüsterte ihr zu: „Siehst du irgendwen?“ Nein, sie sah keinen und ich auch nicht. Die Luft war rein. Wir hatten den Zaun aufgebrochen, der diese Waffenschmiede umgab. Wir waren bereit, in die Fabrik einzubrechen, in der Granatwerfer hergestellt werden. Es war zwei Uhr am Morgen des 16. Oktober 2008.

14 Mai 2009
From May 12th to 14th, Brussels Expo hosted the ITEC exhibition (International Training and Education Conference) the annual top event for companies in the military training and simulation business. On the first day of the event, Vredesactie activists went in undercover and revealed controversial links. On May 13th, a delegation of politicians visited ITEC to make clear that an event like this is not welcome.

Booming business

11 Mai 2009

Internationale Konferenz, Ahmedabad, Indien, 22-25 Januar 2010

Die War Resisters' International arbeitet gemeinsam mit indischen Partnerorganisationen an einer internationalen Konferenz, die die Verknüpfungen zwischen lokalen gewaltfreien Kämpfen um Existenzgrundlagen und dem globalen Militarismus, einschließlich Kriegsprofiteuren, untersucht.

15 Apr 2009

With all the talk about the financial crisis, the world of war profiteering seems to be business as usual. Deals continue to take place at deadly arms fairs as we report in this issue. I would like to thanks Martin Parr and Magnum Photos for sharing with us the strong images from the arms fair in Abu Dhabi. There are other fairs taking place this year as we also announce – ITEC and DSEI – organisations are already making plans on how to disrupt these events, so please get in touch with them if you want to join in.

15 Apr 2009

The new arms race in space is shaping up to be the largest industrial project in Earth's history. To pay for this project, the aerospace industry has been lobbying Washington for a dedicated funding source. Budget allocations for missile defense — Star Wars — are only part of the huge sums of money redirected toward preparations for war in space.

15 Apr 2009

Heckler & Koch is the world's second-largest manufacturer of handguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, machine guns and grenade launchers. Their UK HQ is an anonymous unit on an industrial park off Lenton Lane, NG7. It is responsible for selling guns around the world. Half a million people are killed by small arms each year, three quarters of whom are civilians. Literally millions of Heckler & Koch small arms are in use in around 90 countries.

15 Apr 2009

What do babies and arms sales have in common? Surprisingly, Clarion Events who organise the Baby Show also own and organise Defence Systems and Equipment International (DSEi), the world's largest arms fair, scheduled for September 2009 in London.

Over the weekend anti-arms trade protesters demonstrated outside London's ExCel Centre, venue for both exhibitions. The protest was both against Clarion and the ExCel Centre for agreeing to host the event.

15 Apr 2009

In the early morning of March 22, three peace activists were arrested at
Saab Aerospace Systems’ weapons factory in Linköping, Sweden. Martin
Smedjeback, Annika Spalde and Pelle Strindlund were on their way to disarm
Jas 39 Gripen fighter jets intended for export to India, Thailand
and South Africa.

The peace activists, who are all part of the anti-militaristic network
Ofog, entered Saab’s industry area in Linköping, 200 kilometers from the

15 Apr 2009

On 13 March 2009 in Bilbao in the Basque Country a series of actions took place to denounce the connections between the BBVA bank and the arms industry., during the company's Annual Shareholders Meeting.

15 Apr 2009

By Martin Parr

Un-named Sheikhs browsing the arms fair. Credit: Martin Parr / Magnum photos


13 Mär 2009


Protesta y acción contra la Asamblea de Accionistas del BBVA
– Euskalduna, Bilbo, 13-3-2009
BBVAren aurkako Platafoma

(fotos de calidad desde: http://www.box.net/shared/vvb1qbhi8f)

05 Jan 2009

Martin Smedjeback. Profesor de No Violencia. Suecia

La noche del 16 de octubre desarmé armas destinadas a ser exportadas. Entré en la fábrica de Saab Bofors Dynamics en la ciudad de Eskilstuna (Suecia) y con un martillo corriente golpeé 20 lanzagranadas "Carl Gustav". Lo hice como miembro activo de la red "OFOG". Es probable que por
esta acción mis amigos y yo seamos sentenciados a varios meses de prisión. Pero los crímenes que estamos combatiendo deberían ser castigados mucho más severamente.