Right to Refuse to Kill

The Right to Refuse to Kill programme

War Resisters' International's programme The Right to Refuse to Kill combines a wide range of activities to support conscientious objectors individually, as well as organised groups and movements for conscientious objection.

Our main publications are CO-Alerts (advocacy alerts sent out whenever a conscientious objector is prosecuted) and CO-Updates (a bimonthly look at developments in conscientious objection around the world).

More info on the programme is available here.

News from WRI's work on countering the militarisation of youth

19 Mar 2014

Is it enough to challenge war when it's upon us? (Credit - Michael Schulze von Glaßer)(Credit - Michael Schulze von Glaßer)

Or do we need to ask, “How do we 'learn war' in the first place?”

This is the question War Resisters' International's new project – Countering the Militarisation of Youth – is asking.

Please donate to help us reach our target of £1,200. And if you have friends or networks you could share this with, please do.

Watch our video to learn more about the issue here

18 Mar 2014

Today we are launching our campaign to crowdfund for the next stage of our work countering the militarisation of youth! Crowdfunding allows lots of people to give small amounts of money to make a project possible. In the last two years, WRI has led a conference on challenging youth militarisation, published a book (read it here) and faciliated the first International Day of Action for Military-Free Education and Research. We are now asking for your support this important project into its next stage: building an online space for activists to share resources, and supporting an international week of action for Military-Free Education and Research.

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