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Dear friends,

It is with very deep sadness that we must inform you that last night WRI Chair Howard Clark passed away suddenly.

Howard has been the Chair of WRI since 2006, and earlier worked for many years as Coordinator of WRI in London before moving to live with Yolanda in Spain.

He is leaving a gap we are still unable to fully grasp. Howard's loss will have a great impact on the work of WRI - particularly on the planning for the South Africa conference, which Howard was so committed to, involved with and excited about - which the Staff and Executive will process. But not today. Today we just want to remember a good friend, a tireless and committed peace worker, a sharp mind and organizer, and someone whose institutional memory reached back many decades.

Our thoughts are with Yolanda and their children, Ismael and Violeta, in this tragic time.

Information about memorials and an obituary can be found on WRI's website later, and will also be sent around to this mailing list.

Christine, Domi, Hannah, Javier, Pelao, Sergeiy, Susan
(The WRI Office and Executive)

Friday, 29 November 2013

Howard is alive for me in my memories

Howard is alive for me in my memories. His bold and deep reaching voices are still echoing in my ears. His greatness covered by simplicity keeps me inspired. His commitment and knowledge in the field of peace and nonviolence always remind me of a true hero. I am still hungry to listen to him, learn from him, laugh with him and sometimes get lost in discussion. I want to hug him warm! Howard- you are in me!!
Yolanda, Ismael and Violeta- we are member of one family. Loves and Hugs.

Subhash, Nepal.

Shocked to hear about Howard passing away

"Shocked to hear about Howard passing away. Being active till the very end, he lived and died for WRI. "

Narayanbhai Desai

A life well lived

Dear friends at War Resisters' International in London,

The steering committtee of The National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth sends our condolences on the passing of your chair, Howard Clark. Our wishes for his family and your organization in this difficult moment is for all to come through it stronger and with the acknowledgement of a life well lived in the sevice of others and peace.

Steering Committee of the National Network Oppositing the Miltiarization of Youth

Love for him from Palestine

Dear friends ,
we would like to send you our deepest condolances for the great lost Howard Clark.
My he set in Peace .
Love for him from Palestine .
Yousef Awad
Director of Jenin Creative Cultural center

que la tierra te sea leve, Howard

Para explicar mi estado de ánimo: ha fallecido Howard Clark, el Coordinador de la IRG/WRI, una gran persona, un notable investigador y pensador de la noviolencia y el antimilitarismo, de un humor muy fino pero sobre todo una persona coherente que en su vida cotidiana daba cuerpo a sus ideas. La noticia sorpresiva de su deceso me ha afectado muchísimo y este día nublado de lluvias y tormenta viene a expresar mi sentimiento. A su familia y todxs quienes le queremos: que la tierra te sea leve, Howard

Pelao Carvallo

We will miss him

Dear Friends at WRI

Thank you so much for informing us. I still can not get over the shock. it was too sudden. Eight days ago, when Howard wrote to us about my mother's passing, in kind words, little did I know that I would have to do the same for him. What a shock and loss it would be Yolanda, Ismael and Violeta, I only cringe to imagine.

I had the honour of meeting Howard in 1985 when he came early to Vedchhi to see if preparations were well under way and things were ready for Myrtle (Solomon) to arrive. I realised then that this was a kind man. I also learned that he could do a lot of serious work without making a fuss about it or showing any self-importance. Later I had more opportunities to spend time with him in Bombay, a walk through the heart of the city and also at our 'home', and more recently in Ahmedabad at the triennial. Howard was always ready with something witty about us as well as old Gandhians or the western counterparts (like himself). Howard was more of a friend than a colleague.

We will miss him.


Michael, Swati, Anand, Daniel and others.

Howard - missed by Sweden

I didn't know Howard very well, but you didn't need much time with him to see and feel that he was an extraordinary person! He was such a gift to the peace movement with his commitment and energy. He struck me as a very humble soul with so much to offer. He went away much too soon, but right now I just want to give thanks to him, to all that he gave and all that he was.

Martin Smedjeback, active in Ofog and member of Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation

He'll be sorely missed

Shocked! Howard was very supportive when I took my first steps in nonviolent activism. He'll be sorely missed

Chris Cole

I'm so saddened by this unexpected news.

I am truly in shock. This entire family has taken me into their home so many times over the years. My entire heart is with Yolanda, Violeta and Ismael. I'm so saddened by this unexpected news.

Yeidy Rosa

Howard was a special special friend!

My deep condolences to Yolanda, Ismael and Violeta, and to the whole WRI family!! Howard was a special special friend!

Vanja Nikolic

All my love to Yolanda and his children.

I can't believe this! Both him and his jokes will be missed. All my love to Yolanda and his children.

Nayua Abdelkefi

Farewell, my friend.

I'm so shocked and devastated I can't believe yet that Howard isn't here with us anymore. I don't know what to say. Just that in this moment I feel connected with all of you in our grief, and especially with Yolanda, Ismael and Violeta, that Howard was (and will be) a role model for me in many ways and I will never ever forget him.

Farewell, my friend.
carlos pérez barranco

Too shocking and saddening

Too shocking and saddening.

Howard, everyone needed you in South Africa middle of next year.

Knowing of him for decades, and then interacting with him in recent years gave one the feeling of his rock-solid support even in tense moments.

I don't know what to say to Yolanda and the children. He wrote to us only a few days back on our bereavement. We're still dealing with that bereavement and then comes this news. Strange are the ways of God / Nature whoever / whatever one believes in.


En estos momentos las

En estos momentos las palabras no fluyen porque quedan estrechas para los sentimientos que emergen, mil abrazos y fuerza para yolanda y su hija e hijo, Se siente la ausencia


The measure of life is the fullness, not the time...

Arthur Schnitzler wrote : 'The measure of live is the fulness, not the time'....
But what we miss and what hurts is beyond fulness and time... it is his love for people...
It is a privilege having met Howard in joint action for peace..
Our sincere condoleances to his wife and children..

Frank Feiner
Vredesbeweging PAIS, Netherlands.

Hardly possible to grasp

This news comes to me as a big shock.
It is hardly possible to grasp that Howard is no longer among us.

I will remember him
for his wonderful sense of humour
for his immense capacity to link many people
as a person you could heavily argue with and still be good friends.

I wish Yolanda, Ismael and Violetta all the best to cope with their

Bart Horeman

a leading scholar of strategic nonviolent action

Stunned to hear of the sudden unexpected death of my good friend and colleague Howard Clark, a leading scholar of strategic nonviolent action and chair of War Resisters International. The WRI office in London notes, "He is leaving a gap we are still unable to fully grasp. War Resisters' International is losing with him a good friend, a tireless and committed peace worker, a sharp mind and organizer, and his institutional memory reaching back many decades." The last time I saw him was a year and a half ago when we were both teaching in the Masters Program in Peace & Conflict at Universitat Jaime I in Castellón de la Plana, Spain

Stephen Zunes

'Off the wall' sense of humor

This is very sad news.

I first meet Howard way back in 1970,
and spent a lot of time working with him over the years.

He was a good friend and comrade.

I'll miss his incisive thinking, hard work, and 'off the wall' sense of

My thoughts are also with with Yolanda, Ismael, and Violeta.

Martyn Lowe

Sharing memories

I've put together this little webita (temporarily) on my memories today about Howard as a way of making sure these bits of memory will last, and with all my love for Howard, Yolanda, Violeta, Ismael, and all the people who had the joy of meeting Howard Clark. It's also for my students, and anyone who happens to have some interest in the kind of anonymous people who fight for a juster world.

I'm also preparing a webita for, to publish an interview we have with him, from June 2013...


Howard Clark and to WRI

Deep condolences to the family of Howard Clark and to WRI...

Sherif Joseph Rizk

We really lost a strong man

I am really sorry to hear such unexpected sad and bad news. (...) Waw waw, we really lost a strong Man. Sorry.

I would like to express my condolence to Yolanda and the children and to all of us in WRI.

Abraham G/ Mehreteab

There are people who make a difference

Hello fellow. Bad news. No one should be indispensable in the movements, but there are people who make the difference. Howard was one of them.

A hug to everyone. Affection to Yolanda and the childrens. Our thoughts go with them.

That the land is mild a free man

Rafael and Lexys

Shocked and speachless

I'm shocked and speachless.
All my sympathy to Yolanda and the "kids".

The loss is huge...

I am so, so sorry to get this news. What a shock… Howard was such a great guy. My sympathy and solidarity with all of you at WRI, for whom the loss must indeed be huge, and please, if you would, and on my behalf, also to his partner Yolanda and their children…
Jai Sen

Don´t vote. It only encourages them.

(Message sent to David McReynolds and shared by him with his international email list):


Sad news indeed. Howard was always kind and considerate to Lani and me, and it was only the move of WRI from London to Brussels that made it the BWINIC 14 instead of the 15.

We remember Howard well from our days in WRL. A comfortable but sympathetic member of the Labor Party rented Howard and his then partner a basement flat, and we had the third floor. At election time our landlord routinely put a labor campaign poster in his window, and Howard would respond with a Peace News poster that read "Don't Vote. It Only Encourages Them."

The world's light is that much dimmer without Howard.

Thank you for sharing this unhappy news,

Joseph Gerson

Desde Servicio Paz y Justicia-Paraguay

Estimados Compañeros;

desde el Servicio Paz y Justicia-Paraguay, enviamos nuestras mas sinceras condolencias, a los familiares, amigos, amigas de Howard Clark.
Desde Asunción, Paraguay, saludos de Paz y Bien.

A big gap

Dear fellow campaigners in Britain

Many of you will have known Howard during his various roles at WRI, perhaps
because of the WRI office being based here, or via the WRI's British
affiliates such as the PPU, as well as knowing him for his peace research
work and writing.

And many of you will also have known him even earlier, given his key role in
the British peace movement - as both an activist, and an inspiring and
dogged editor of Peace News as far back as the 1970s.

And his institutional memory, which the WRI refers to here in the
international context, was something that many of us - even those a bit
older than him - relied on in a British context too.

He leaves a big gap for us all.

Albert Beale

Sadly, gratefully and gently

Dear friends, dear Yolanda, Ismael and Violeta,

It is hard to put in words how much Howard meant to us as friend and fellow peace worker in the Antiwar Campaign and all other initiatives trying to support objectors and deserters in post-Yugoslav countries in the nineties, how much we miss him. I can just try to grasp how much he is missed in different organizations with which he worked last years and months.

Howard I think of you sadly, gratefully and gently and send condolences to your family.

Vesna Terselic

Desde Ecuador

Una inmensa perdida, me siento muy entristecido por la noticia, mis condolencias a Yolanda y sus hijos, así como a todos los miembros/as de la irg por esta triste noticia.
Xavier León

Continuaçao ao seu labôr nas causas nobres

Olá, amigos/as

Relativamente à morte de Howard Clark, apresento meus respeitosos pêsames a seus familiares e amigos, bem como à IRG/WRI.

E exorto a tôdos vós para que, em sua homenagem e por razões de princípio moral, se dê continuação ao seu labôr nas causas nobres.

Tende bom ânimo.


Yaúl Ezrah
(pseudónimo literário de Júlio da Silva e Sousa, fundadôr da ).

Great sadness

It is with great sadness that I've received the news of Howard's passing away.

I send Howard's family, friends and colleagues my heartfelt sympathies.

Gunvant Govindjee

Devastated by this news

South Africa is devastated by this news. He was with us so recently; working exceedingly hard and giving all he had contact with inspiration and encouragement in our work for the 2014 Conference. Those of us at the Ceasefire Campaign wish to extend to his wife and children our sincere condolences. Words are not adequate to express what a loss this is to his family, WRI, and the peace movement.

Laura Pollecut

A grounding rock of our movement

I'm SO shocked and saddened by this news, and like everyone find it hard to believe he really is not with us any longer. I always appreciated Howard's kindness, wit, sharp mind, and the depth of his commitment. And that he was fun and knew how to have a good time, as well as work incredibly hard!

He was truly a solid grounding rock of our movement, and he will be sorely missed. Goodbye Howard, and thank you for all you did. My love and condolences to everyone, especially Yolanda and the children.


Adiós Howard

Howard, te vamos a echar muchísimo de menos. Tu alegría, tu bondad, tu sabiduría... siempre lo tendremos en nuestro corazón.

Un beso muy fuerte para Yolanda, Ismael y Violeta. Sabéis que aquí estamos para lo que nos necesitéis.

Besos, Eva


Martyn Lowe, a dear London Cockney friend of Howard, along with Andreas Speck, long time WRI staff member, are keeping an eye for us on the obituaries that are being published about Howard.

We can all take comfort...

What an unexpected tragedy.
Howard's loss leaves an enormous empty space in the global peace community.
I only came to know Howard personally over the past half decade, following the Ahmedabad Triennial and contributing to his book on Unarmed Resistance. I was looking forward to yet more collaboration. Sigh.
Having lost a spouse I fully sympathize with the emotional devastation his wife is suffering.
However we can all take comfort in having known an individual who made the world a better place.
-yeshua Moser Puangsuwan

En recuerdo de Howard

En recuerdo de Howard: Ver el texto completo y una entrevista a Howard en:

Un saludo,
Cristóbal Orellana (Jerez)


Murió el compañero Howard Clark, de la Internacional de Resistentes a la Guerra ( Lamento su pérdida y envío desde aquí mis sentimientos de condolencia a su familia más directa y a todos sus compañeros y compañeras que trabajan por la Paz, el antimilitarismo y la Noviolencia, y sienten también esta notable ausencia.

Sé que otras personas que conocieron a Howard y que trabajan en la Red Antimilitarista y Noviolenta de Andalucía (R.A.N.A.) sienten también esta dolorosa pérdida.

Coincidí con él en algunas ocasiones, en algún encuentro, como por ejemplo el de la IRG en Porec (Croacia, Septiembre 1998, War Resister's International XXII Triennial). Del 'Taller de Paz' (Jerez) estuvimos allí Paco Cuevas, Antonio Martínez y yo. Me pareció una persona con una humanidad y sensibilidad especial, así como con un carácter amable y muy sociable. Hablé con él alguna vez, aunque poco. Pero era muy fácil percatarse de sus cualidades, cualidades humanas difíciles de alcanzar: auténtica capacidad de escucha, empatía, franqueza, entusiasmo, sencillez. Howard tenía capacidad de diálogo, amplio historial de compromiso por la Paz y siempre una sonrisa en los labios. El optimismo consciente era su atractiva tarjeta de presentación.

Algunos de sus trabajos como militante pacifista pueden verse en este curriculum que aparece en:

Además del trabajo que él desarrolló en la IRG, nos ha dejado a todos un legado valioso: la sensible forma de ser de un pacifista convencido que conocía los problemas, que amaba la vida y sabía comprometerse y sonreír.

Que no se nos olvide nunca el sello de humanidad de Howard Clark.

"Nos hace falta otro estilo de centrocampista..."

Hola todas y todos

Tremenda noticia la partida de Howard... Yo viajo a Belgica en febrero, y tenía la intención de ir a Madrid para verlo a él (y a Michelle). Howard era un gran tipo, una persona formidable, solo tengo elogios para él... Lo conocí cuando Myrtle era presidente y que él entraba en la secretarìa, en la oficina cerca de Elephant and Castle, a principios de los '80, creo. Y compartimos bastante tiempo juntos...

El 17 de octubre, me contestaba un mail, le había preguntado que opinaba de Fellaini, un jugador belga que está jugando en el equipo de sus amores, Man Ud... se ve que era un apasionado, de la WRI y del futboll....
Lo quería mucho, mucho...
Abrazos fuertes, especialmente a Yolanda, Ismael y Violeta

juan dw o jean de Wandelaer

"Fui a londres ayer - ida y vuelta - y estoy hecho polvo (salí de casa a las 05.00, y volví a las 01.20).
Januzaj es una maravilla. Albanokosovar criado en Belgica.
Fellaini fue un buen fichaje. Terrorizó nuestra defensa y nos costó la liga 2011-2012.
Nos hace falta una presencia fisica así en la liga inglesa. Nos hace falta otro estilo de centrocampista también ..."

I love you and miss you forever

Cant see you for a while... I love you and miss you forever. Thank you for everything you've done for me. Yolanda EducaRueca love - a big hug for you.

Jungmin Choi

a real shock for me!

it a real shock for me! I'll remember Howard as a verdedicated person to the Cause of Peace and Non-Violence. He was so tender with Yolanda and his childen. Once I was Lucky to live a week in their family in Madrid. It was a very good family and very good friends. My love and heart to Yolanda, Ismael and Violeta.

Elena Vilenskaya

Howard changed lives

Dear WRI

I'm crying now. I hadnt bumped into Howard for _so_long, but he was an inspiration to me.

I read "Making Nonviolent Revolution" way back when, and it changed my life. Meeting (and working) with Howard doing NV training on various blockades, occupations and other actions, and singing the frankly ridiculous lyrics he managed to squeeeeze into trad and pop tunes at the tops of our voices while the chainlink fences and the modplods looked on.... ... was transformative, lifegiving, and the best fun ever.

If it helps, hold, and pass on, this wee thought that Howard changed lives, and made me a fuller, happier and real person.


(Torness occupation, London Peace Action, etc etc)

So sad to hear of the death of Howard Clark

So sad to hear of the death of Howard Clark. I met him during the preparation of Balkan human rights monitors in the 90s, and crossed paths many times since. A warm, self-aware and dedicated activist, thoughtful and kind, with a deep understanding of the power of nonviolent action and a willingness to live out his beliefs in the face of lack of understanding, unpopularity, and material poverty.

Nick Wilson Young

Howard could do that because he believed in people

The fist time I met Howard Clark was in 1984. WRI was looking for a successor to John Hyatt who had announced that he would leave the office for a job that gave a bit more security. Two years earlier WRI had boldly decided to have the next Triennial Conference in India in 1985, but at the end of 1984 the preparations had hardly resulted in anything tangible and now the person who had to coordinate the preparations was going to leave. We, the members of executive committee, were about to despair. Some of us, including me, thought of canceling the whole enterprise – not realizing that on the Indian side a lot had already been done.

But then, quite unexpectedly, Myrtle Solomon - who was chair at the time – said there was a man interested in the job whom she had a lot of confidence in. Apparently he had made his entrance into the pacifist movement in 1972 at the Sheffield Triennial and had been active in Peace News since. That man was Howard Clark. Howard started his new job in 1985 and immediately made clear he would organize the triennial in India. He had only 11 months left. But he was not afraid, on the contrary. He gave the impression that he was in control right from the beginning. The triennial in Vedchhi, India, became a big success and marked both a transition and a continuation. The transition being that David McReynolds succeeded Myrtle Solomon in her role as chairperson and the continuation being that the vision and commitment to pacifism of Myrtle found a new protagonist in Howard.

As much as WRI can thank Myrtle Solomon for its survival, it must thank Howard. Howard could do that because he believed in people. He was constantly connecting people by making them feel comfortable. In every conversation Howard would mention names of people he met without introducing them further. That gave you the feeling they were part of the movement. Eventually you would hear more about them and by the time you met them you knew that that person belonged to the pacifist family. No better introduction than Howard mentioning your name.

Howard was not a person of big words. Rather, he did what was necessary and he seemed to know what that was. That is what made him a example for many and certainly for me. He had a strong inner compass based on compassion. But he rarely became sentimental. His belief in people was rational: if you cannot believe in people, what else is there? I think his work in Kosov@ shows what believing in people actually meant to him. Howard was very good at getting into contact with the right people, whether in the Balkans, in South Africa or elsewhere. This made the WRI-family grow stronger.

I admired Howard for his commitment, his energy, his ability to get along with so many people and also his practical skills. Watching Howard take part in a meeting was very special. In many of the meetings I attended, Howard was not only contributing to the meeting, but he also took the minutes. Amazingly, the minutes were ready at the end of the meeting. And good minutes at that!

We were not much in contact lately. Occasionally I got a mail or a message about soccer when the Dutch team or a Dutch player was involved. Howard was a strong fan of Man United and followed its achievements. I found that very refreshing in our pacifist organisation which is not known for its support of competitive sports. Despite our lack of contact I felt Howard's presence. And I was sure we would see one another more often in a not to distant future. But time is a killer. It spoils about every plan you have. It makes you realise you have to live in the present as much as possible. You cannot bank on the future.

I miss Howard already. How much more Yolanda, Violeta and Ismael must miss him. It was a privilege to have known Howard.

Reinoud Doeschot

Howard in my life: some flashes

Scene 1: Berlin, 1983, END convention. Myrtle Solomon recommends me a pamphlet on Nonviolent Revolution written by an English activist, a certain Howard Clark. It was as if many of the intuitions and disperse ideas I had were linked in a consistent political vision. It really had an impact not only on my political awareness; As a matter of fact, we in Bilbao --KEM-MOC-- used many of his ideas for the paper we drafted on the meaning of our commitment to nonviolence, which ultimately became part of the Spanish MOC’s political platform, as agreed at its 1986 II Congress.

Scene 2: Aaland, Finland 1987- WRI Triennial Meeting. Howard had become a WRI staff member and office coordinator, and I am looking forward to meeting him at last. So I ask Veronica, who tells me he would actually like to talk to me. I felt flattered, of course: I figured out he’d probably want first-hand news about the insumisión campaign, or might even have some questions about terrorism and struggle for Peace in the Basque Country… So I was preparing a sort of briefing on those two questions when the great man comes to me, introduces himself and lets me know he is deeply interested in knowing about… Bilbao Athletic Football club! Was it true that they only had local players? How was their British trainer doing? Didn’t I think that his flat back four tactics was a bit primitive for the sophistication of the Spanish league? Two hours later we had talked about football, music and life, and yes, also about politics… in that order!

Scene 3: Navarre, 1989, International Conscientious Objection Meeting. After a long impasse, Spanish authorities had just started imprisoning dozens of insumisos. It was Howard who insisted that the ICOM be held in Spain, not only out of solidarity with imprisoned COs, but mainly to give visibility to a campaign that in his mind would be instrumental to show the antimilitarist meaning of war resistance, beyond the particular objector’s stand to refuse to kill. Later that year, I had been mandated by MOC to go to London and get Amnesty International to recognize insumisos as prisoners of conscience. Howard offers me his place to stay, but an unexpected meeting in the Balkans comes about. So he leaves his key at the office and leaves a long note with advice and tips for me to enjoy London and his house during the week-end.

Scene 4: London, mid nineties. As I was attending some international meeting at the WRI office, Howard was all excited about a French woman that had just been selected as a new staff member. He told me she was brilliant and charming, and found it hilarious that, when he had let Maurice Montet know about her, first thing he’d asked him was whether she was good looking –“which I was glad to confirm” he said in laughter. She ended up moving to Bilbao to live with me, and it was about the same time when, on the same grounds indeed, Howard moved to Madrid. Having taken such a radical step probably tells more than anything about Howard’s deep love for life, and for Yolanda.

Scene 5: Bilbao, Domi and Rafa’s home. The same good looking French woman, who has been my life companion for the last 15 years, is sitting next to me as she meets virtually with the rest of the WRI Executive, and we cry together, and drink to the memory of a great guy who marked our lives.

Rafa Sainz de Rozas


I am sad to hear about Howard's sudden death. I still remember Howard and I giving two workshops together at Conway Hall on non-violence many years ago. I got virtually no warning about it – he was at the registration desk when I registered and informed me, much to my surprise, that we were going to do a workshop on nonviolence together at the conference – but it worked very well, especially the one on the Saturday (we repeated it the following day).

Lowana Veal

Howard was one of the greatest WRI activist in its history

Dear Friends,
Howard was one of the greatest WRI activist in its history.
He was a wonderful worker and a wonderful friend.
Since 1986, at the Vedchhi (India)Triennal, I considered him like a brother.
I remember some evenings around a fire : he reminded old friends of WRI who were no more with us. We keep him in mind and follow the way.

I was looking forward to seeing him in South Africa next July

I was saddened and shocked to read of Howard's sudden death as I was looking forward to seeing him in South Africa next July. We've known each other for 35 years or so and I shared a room with him in Gujarat at the last WRI meeting there in Ahmedabad, the last time I saw him. We worked together on many issues when I was still based in Europe and we've seen each other over the years since then, either at WRI gatherings or when he visited me here in Australia - and once when I took my daughter to visit him and his family in Madrid, my first visit to the State of Spain. I plan to look out photos of him when I get home, especially the WRI running group at Vedchhi in 1985.

Howard travelled many miles, wrote prolifically and organised ceaselessly over many years. I have great memories of our times together, plus his writings and photos - and I send my condolences to Yolanda and his children in Madrid.
We will all miss him,

Peter D Jones
Hobart, Tasmania

A key person in the Balkans Peace Team

Dear WRI-friends,

What a sad news: Howard Clark passed away. I'm mourning with you and his family.
In the 90ties Howard was a key person to develop the Balkan Peace Team/BPT. In the coordination committee, where I cooperated on behalf of PBI and IFOR, we had a lot of meetings. Howard with his profound knowledge of the Balkans, especially of Kosov@, and his experience in cooperation with very different and sometimes strongminded people often helped us to come to decisions. His calmness, commitment and positive spirit was very inspiring and helped us to develop and maintain - despite many difficulties - during the war in Ex-Yugoslavia our teams and nonviolent presence in the fields. Now let's hope that he lives in peace in the light and truth of God.

Ueli Wildberger

A pillar of strength the the South African CO movement

I am deeply shocked to hear about Howard’s sudden passing. He was a pillar of strength and support to the South African CO and anti-military movement, and particular to the End Conscription Campaign. Over the years Howard made many friends within the South African anti-military movement, and a whole generation of activists owe him a big debt of gratitude for supporting us, especially during periods of repression. Hambe kahle, Howard, we will miss you deeply. Thank you to your family for giving us such an inspiring leader, supporter and friend.

Crispian Olver

WRI has been lucky to have had this good man for so many years.

When I think of Howard I especially remember him laughing. However serious his WRI work was, he always continued to enjoy live and the working with other people. WRI has been lucky to have had this good man for so many years.

Wendela de Vries