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28 Aug 2015

David Scheuing

London: On my daily way back home I often pass by heavily armed police “safe”guarding citizens, infrastructure, life and economy: in the metro, at the station, always watchful. Yet this vigilance is neither harmless, nor innocent. It kills. This July has seen the 10th sad anniversary of Juan Charles de Mendenez' killing on a stuffed metroline train in London's Stockwell Station.1

26 Aug 2015

Elisa and others in a solidarity protest for Haluk Selam Tufanlı, December 2014Elisa and others in a solidarity protest for Haluk Selam Tufanlı, December 2014This week, we are saying goodbye to Elisa Haf, who's been working part-time from the WRI office for the past year, as a Quaker Peace and Social Witness Peaceworker. Elisa's main project is the book Conscientious Objection: A Practical Companion for Movements - which you can help print through this crowdfunder. As well as taking on this complex and important piece of work (and completing it brilliantly), Elisa has been undertaking many other tasks in the office, and is going to be really missed. Thank you, Elisa for your massive contribution this year: your commitment, conversation, humour and taste in music!

26 Aug 2015

This September, one of the world’s biggest arms fairs arrives at London’s ExCeL centre. The arms fair, due to take place on 15-18 September, involves more than 1000 companies and 30,000 attendees. A week of action will take place in the week before the fair, from 7 – 12 September, to make it as difficult as possible for it to go ahead. Each day different groups will be organising actions highlighting the different impacts of the arms trade and repression. Many groups will be using the #WarStartsHere slogan, also used by the European Antimilitarist Network.


15 Aug 2015

During the NATO exercise Trident Juncture 2015 the alliance will practice military interventions in North Africa

Marines from the US train in la Sierra del Retin, BarbateMarines from the US train in la Sierra del Retin, BarbateThe NATO exercise Trident Juncture 2015 will take place during October 2015 and until early November in Italy, Portugal, and the State of Spain. According to a variety of sources, this will be the “largest exercise of NATO since the end of the Cold War1, “largest exercise conducted by the Alliance since 2002” (…) and “the Alliance’s most important exercise in 20152, or “the largest deployment of the Alliance in the last decade3. The exercise consists of two clearly distinguished phases, a command post exercise (CPX, 3-16 October) and a phase of real action (Live Exercise, LIVEX, 21 October-6 November).

28 Jul 2015

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27 Jul 2015

Polen ÜnlüPolen ÜnlüStatement from WRI affiliate Vicdani Ret Derneği

On 20th of July, many young people from different cities took the road for the re-construction of Kobanê which is the city that has been resisting against the attacks of ISIS for several months. Those young people wanted to re-build the city which was destroyed by war and bring life back to the children who are sentenced to death in the pillaged land. Alper SapanAlper Sapan

But they could not success. Everlasting war policy turned to a bomb and exploded right at the middle of the crowd of young people who were resisting to build the peace. Tens of people lost their lives and hundreds of them were injured.

One of those young people who had lost her life is Polen Ünlü who declared her conscientious objection in 2012 by saying “That war does not murder only men, but it murders women as well.” Alper Sapan is also one of those young people who had murdered in the massacre, and also one of conscientious objectors who declared his conscientious objection in May 2014 by saying “For the world where there is no war, no nation, no border; for freedom, I am listening to my heart and rejecting the military service.”




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