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17 Jul 2014

Demonstration on Gaza in Cape TownDemonstration on Gaza in Cape Town

The Assembly of the War Resisters’ International, gathered in the City Hall of Cape Town, South Africa, strongly condemns the ongoing assault by the Israeli military on Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. War Resisters’ International considers all war a crime against humanity, and we therefore call for the immediate end of hostilities, and in particular the repeated aggression by the State of Israel against Palestinians.

As opponents of war, we also oppose the causes of war, and stand in solidarity with oppressed people all over the world. We therefore call for the end of the occupation of Palestine and—especially gathered at the building from which Nelson Mandela made his first speech after release from prison—we call for the end of all forms of Apartheid everywhere.

16 Jul 2014

War has returned to European soil, and it seems that Europeans are not capable, or not willing, to apply the lessons they try to teach in other parts of the planet. The European Union, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, put Ukraine in an impossible position when it asked it to choose between a political pact with the EU or a close economic relationship with Russia. Ordinary people in Ukraine have some of the lowest wages in the continent, and face one of the highest levels of political and economic corruption, creating hopelessness among many of them - hence the offer from the EU seemed to many like a golden opportunity to take a first step out of the mire.

The use of violence by both sides in the later stages of the Maidan protests created a precedent, and served as a justification for the use of violence in parts of Ukraine where many people disagree with the country's new political course. Also, the presence of neo-nazis in the new official Ukrainian politics, and the rise of the paramilitary units connected with them, encouraged other Ukrainians - in areas where many feel more attracted to and connected with Russia than with the EU - to consider armed struggle a legitimate method of dealing with conflict.

15 Jul 2014

War Resisters International, a ninety-three year old antiwar/pacifist organization, after having gathered from over 60 countries at its Quadrennial conference in Cape Town, South Africa, expresses its deep sorrow over the self-immolation on 29 June

04 Jul 2014

WRI International Conference, co-hosted by Ceasefire Campaign, Cape Town

This July, in an historic conference to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, War Resisters International will be convening a conference on Small Actions, Big Movements: the Continuum of Nonviolence. While we recognize that at times our demonstrations and campaigns start small, they can have wide effects when we work together.

30 Jun 2014

On 27 June, representatives of the Moroccan government have prohibited entry to 4 representatives of the Basque Support Network to the National Union of Saharawi Women. These were Rosa Baltar Cabo, Amaia Cabero Saizar and two colleagues from the United Kingdom. They travelled with the objective of building networks between the women of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic,territory illegally occupied by Morocco since 1975, and those residing in the refugee camps. In this visit they planned to exchange and share common learning about feminist solidarity.

The delegation from the Basque network denouces this ill-treatment of solidarity and friendship with the Saharawi people. “They were waiting for us, they knew we were travelling and they didn't even let us off the plane nor did they explain why they denied us entry.” Today is a clear example of how Morocco is opposed to the rights of women, and they intend to remain so. The Basque Support Network to the National Union of Saharawi Women affirms it will continue to work with women on both sides of the wall and makes a call to the international community to work together to put an end to Morocco's Occupation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

Telephone contact: +34 619988945 (Rosa)

30 Jun 2014


30 June 2014

For immediate release

Cape Town’s City Hall will host an international conference gathering voices and movements standing against violence and conflict from July 4 to 8.

London-based War Resisters International (WRI), founded in 1921 by conscientious objectors to the First World War, will host the conference with local partner Ceasefire Campaign. Other local partners include Embrace Dignity, Goedgedacht Forum and Action Support Centre.